Investors in People


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Investors in People is a nationally recognised and well-respected diagnostic tool that allows organisations to effectively review their business and people management processes against a framework of good practice indicators. It is a framework based on the following three key principles to help focus on organisational priorities and improve performance through people.

  • Plan
    Develop strategies to improve performance

  • Do
    Take action to improve performance

  • Review
    Evaluate and improve performance

A full copy of the Core and Extended Investors in People Framework (PDF, file size: 41.51KB) is also available.


Staffordshire University first achieved Investors in People recognition status as a whole organisation in October 2003. Since then re-assessment for this award has occurred every three years, between which times the University’s own Internal Review team have carried out an annual programme of themed ‘Interim Health-Checks’. All of these are aligned to additional information from other organisational development tools such as employee engagement and customer surveys. Following each Interim Health Check, anonymous feedback is provided to the relevant Faculty or Service Dean/Director.  In addition, a summary report is circulated to appropriate committees/forums and Executive. This process of continual review enables staff to become accustomed to giving feedback and thereby contributing to the ongoing improvement of the organisation.

Assessment process

As part of the three-year re-assessment for Investors in People in February 2013, a representative sample of staff was identified for interview to share their experiences.  The Internal Review Team conducted a series of interviews and focus groups, with the exception of the most senior staff who were interviewed by the External Assessors, Richard Tomes.

All the decisions within an Investors in People assessment take the form of a balanced judgment. This means that whilst there may be some areas for ongoing development, the overall weight of evidence indicates that, ’on balance’, the standard has been met. Furthermore, within the February 2013 re-assessment, the evidence showed that the University had not only retained the core standard but assessed against the Extended Framework, had met the Gold standard.

Ongoing assessment

Working within the Investor in People Extended Framework is an important process for the University, enabling the gathering of rich information about what is done well and also where improvements still need to be made. The feedback gained has already led to the development of a continuous improvement plan to address the University wide-issues that have been identified. The ongoing monitoring of progress for all actions agreed will be facilitated through the continuation of Interim Health-Checks carried out by the Internal Review Team , enabling the sharing of good practice and addressing any aspects needing development.

If you want to know more about the process undertaken by the University to achieve the Investors in People standard, please do not hesitate to contact Marj spiller on 01782 294403.