Attendance, leave and flexible working

How many days leave can I carry forward from one leave year to the next?

What happens if I am off sick when I had annual leave booked?

Can I receive pay for outstanding annual leave not taken?

I do not work Mondays when most bank holidays fall, am I entitled to any time off from work?

Can I have paid special leave to care for a sick relative?

I have been asked to be a witness at court. What do I need to do?

How much time can I take off work for a doctor/dentist appointment?

What happens if I cant get into work because of severe weather conditions?

MyView Guidance

What can I do using MyView?

Pay, pensions, terms and conditions

When do I get paid?

When is my pay award due?

When is my increment due?

Who do I contact regarding pension queries?

How can I get a copy of my P60?

Recruitment, induction & retirement

What is my staff/employee number?

How do I obtain a staff ID card?

I have a new member of staff joining the team, how do I prepare an induction?


Employee development

Where can I get a list of all the employee development sessions I have attended?

I want to attend a course I have seen advertised but can't find it in Myview, what do I do?


Health and Safety

How do I report an accident or near miss?

What should my office temperature be?

What is the minimum workspace requirement for individuals in an office?

How do I access Health and Safety Inductions?

What should I do in the event of a fire alarm?

What should I do if I am unable to leave the building without some assistance?

Am I entitled to an eyesight test if I use a computer and who pays for it?

Can members of staff lone work in a building after hours?

Can I drive a minibus for work if my driving licence shows entitlement?

Can I use an electronic cigarette in work?

What is a first aider?

Am I insured by the University as a first aider?

What should the first aid box contain?