Accessing your timetable - Enrolled new and continuing students

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Note: Welcome timetables are accessed through the 'Welcome Week' menu tab rather than 'MyStudentTimetable'.

You can access your personalised teaching timetable once you have enrolled onto your core and option modules.

You will also have access to:

  • Welcome Week timetables

  • Technical Instruction sessions

  • Events

  • Timetable information for other courses and modules

Important: Your personalised timetable will be accessible once you have enrolled in e:Vision and your module allocations have been processed by the university.

1. Logging in

Use your University login, 8 alpa-numeric digits, and password (this may differ to e:Vision).

Alternatively use the ‘Guest’ area to see ‘Welcome Timetables’ only.

Access Web timetables


2. Main screen

myStudentTimetable displays activities for all modules you are enrolled on.

If you haven't chosen options yet, you can choose 'Course' or 'Module' timetables to see where they are scheduled.

Customise your timetable

  • Display specific semesters, weeks, days and times. 

  • Display in a grid or list format.

Ensure you have made a selection in each box before clicking "View timetable".

3. Your timetable

Here is an example of a timetable for a specific week in grid format.

4. Understanding your activities

Here is a breakdown of an individual activity.

If you appear to have activities running at the same time, please check which weeks they are running.

5. More information

Use this link to view the latest academic calendar. You can also view a detailed calendar with showing the university week numbers.