Student ID Cards

Your Student ID Card

The University issues every student with an ID card.  The ID card has a number of important uses and is valid for the expected duration of your course:

  • Personal identification when you are on University premises

  • For access to some buildings - instructions on how to activate your card see below

  • It is your Staffordshire University Library Card

  • Car Park access on-campus

  • It is also your Student Union NUS card to allow you access to SUSU Buildings and voting in Union elections

  • Some retailers and businesses will offer discount on production of a valid NUS card, please see important note below*

How to activate your card

You will need your student card to gain access to some of the University Buildings, Labs and Classrooms.  Where this is required there will be a card reader on the entrance door.

For your card to work you must first have ACTIVATED it against one of our online card readers, by placing your card against the reader for a few seconds until the light changes from blue to green. This may take up to 15 seconds, however, after the initial use this time will be less.

The 'online card readers' are located at various points around campus including the following (a full list is available here (PDF, file size: 67.11KB) );

  • The entrance to Thompson Library (Stoke Campus, College Road)

  • The main entrance to The Beacon Building, College Road

  • At the entrance to R001 (Lecture Theatre) on the ground floor of the Science Building, Leek Road

  • The Library, Centre of Excellence, Stafford

Student Discounts

Many retailers and businesses offer a student discount to holders of a valid NUS (National Union of Students) card. 

*Important to note regarding Student/ NUS discounts - Your Staffordshire University ID card should be sufficient for these purposes as it is an NUS card.  However, any discount offered is at the discretion of the retailer/ business. Staffordshire University cannot be held responsible for any refusal to offer discount and will not enter into discussion with the retailer/ business regarding proof of entitlement.  Sometimes a discount will only be offered (or a higher level of discount is offered) to holders of an NUS "Extra" card. NUS Extra cards can be purchased via the Students Union. For more details please click here.


How to get your ID Card

On campus students should collect their card during the first week. Distance Learning and off-campus students will have their ID cards posted to their registered home address. A student ID card can only be issued if we hold a photograph of you. Please log-on to your e:VisionStaffs portal to upload a photo.

Stoke Campus - Full time card collections are organised each September as part of Face to Face Enrolment in the Sports Hall during the first weekend of Welcome Week until the Tuesday. Following that Face to Face Enrolment will be moved into the Henrion Gallery for the remainder of Welcome Week. After Welcome Week ID cards can be collected from the Information Points. Part time student's cards will be posted to their registered home address.

Centre of Excellence, Stafford Campus - Full time card collections take place on the first Monday and throughout Welcome Week each September as part of Face to Face Enrolment. After Welcome Week ID cards can be collected from the Information Points. Part time student's cards will be posted to their registered home address.

Lichfield Campus - Cards can be collected from the campus reception.

UK Partner Colleges - Cards can be collected from your college (the college will notify you of the arrangements for this).

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital - Nursing and other School of Health students based at RSH can collect their cards from the Information Point.

Placement Students - students on industrial placement can request a student ID card in writing to the Information Points at Stoke, Stafford or Shrewsbury (please see contact details below) or email Upon confirmation from the Placements office that your placement has commenced, your card will be posted to your local address.



What if I don't receive an ID Card?

This is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • You have not yet enrolled on your course - please ensure you have enrolled on your course by logging into your e:VisionStaffs portal.

  • We do not have your photograph - you can check this by logging into your e:VisionStaffs portal. If we do not have your picture, please see the information about sending us your picture (below).

  • The card has been posted to an address you have since moved out.  It is important you notify us of any change of address. Please check we have your up-to-date address by logging into your e:VisionStaffs portal.


About my image/photo

The photo that you initially upload to your e:VisionStaffs portal will remain on your student record and is printed on your student ID card which is valid for the duration of your course of study at the University.

Note: Please ensure that the photograph which you upload is a passport style picture, clearly showing your face. You will only get one opportunity to upload this image and any editing (e.g. cropping) of the photograph must be done prior to uploading.

Changing the photo held on file would therefore invalidate your current student ID card and a new card would have to be produced. For this reason you cannot amend your photo via your e:VisionStaffs portal. You may only amend your photo if your appearance has changed significantly and you are no longer recognisable from the image that is held on your student record (the photo on your ID card).

If you are no longer recognisable from the photo on your ID card then please contact an Information Point.

University reserves the right to reject image amendment requests where your appearance on the new photo is not deemed to be unrecognisable from the image currently held on your student record.

What if I need a replacement ID card?

The expiry date of your student ID card is the expected end date of your course. If you are still studying your course but your ID card expiry date has passed then you will need to contact the Information Points.

Stolen ID cards will be replaced free of charge on production of a crime reference number for the theft. Faulty or non-functioning ID cards will be replaced free of charge unless this is due to careless damage.

Lost or carelessly damaged ID Cards will be replaced upon payment of the appropriate fee. Please see the list of current fees.

Contact the Information Points

Information Point (Stoke)
Ground Floor Cadman Building
College Road
t: +44 (0)1782 294573

Information Point (Stoke)
Brindley Building
Leek Road
t: +44 (0)1782 294751

Information Point (Centre of Excellence, Stafford)
Blackheath Lane
ST18 0AD
t: 44 (0)1785 353766

Information Point (Centre of Excellence, Shrewsbury)
Shrewsbury (Royal Shrewsbury Hospital)
Mytton Oak Road
t: +44 (0)1743 261136