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SPSS Software Installation Guide

Step 1. Downloading SPSS (vers. 21.0)

If possible, try and use Internet Explorer and visit https://www.staffs.ac.uk/software
Enter your student or staff username and password, and click Log in.

A list of software available to download should be displayed on the web page.
Click SPSS and then click the I Agree button to accept the license agreement for SPSS.

You should now see the Downloads for SPSS web page.
On this page is a list of downloads for SPSS v21.0

  • SPSS 21.0 (Windows 64-bit)

  • SPSS 21.0 (Windows 32-bit)

  • SPSS 21.0 (Mac OS X)

Choose which download best suits your needs.
There are downloads for both Windows 32-bit and Windows 64-bit.
You can find out what version of Windows you have by viewing the properties of your computer.

Windows XP

  • Click on Start

  • Right click on My Computer

  • Click Properties

  • Click the General tab. The version of windows is shown under System. A 64 bit version of windows would display ´Professional x64 Edition´. Any other version would be 32-bit.

Windows 8, 7 and Vista

  • Right click Computer

  • Click Properties

  • Under the section title System will be System Type. This will display either ´32-bit Operating System´ or ´64-bit Operating System´

Once you have decided which download best suites your needs, click on the download link for the relevant version of SPSS.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer, click the Save button.

  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, select Save File and click the OK button.

NOTE: Save the file into a folder on your computer that you can find easily.

Step 2. Extract downloaded SPSS file

Once the SPSS file has been downloaded, you will need to extract the file to obtain the installation files. Windows usually has its own software already installed in order to extract these files.

  • Locate and click on the downloaded SPSS file to start the extraction process.

  • Extract the files to the same location where you downloaded the SPSS file.

  • Once the extraction process is complete, a SPSS folder should be created containing the installation files.

Step 3. Installing SPSS

  • Navigate to the SPSS folder in locate and double click the setup file, setup.exe

  • The Installation Wizard should now appear. Click Next.

  • You should then be given three options: Single user license, Site license and Network license. Choose Site license and click the Next button.

  • The Software License Agreement will then be shown. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and then click the Next button.

  • You will see Customer information. In the User Name: box, enter Information Services. In the Organization: box, enter Staffordshire University.

  • When you see the Help Language, click the Next button.

  • On the next section, Destination Folder, do not change anything and click the Next button.

  • You will now see the Ready to Install the Program. Click the Install button.

SPSS will now start to install. You will see a progress bar as the files are being copied. Let the installation complete. Once completed, it will then ask you to license the software. Tick the box labelled Click here to register for product updates ... or Register with SPSS.com then click the OK button.

Step 4. SPSS Product Authorization

If you completed Step 3 and ticked the box labelled Click here to register ..., you should then see the IBM SPSS Statistics Licensing or PASW Statistics Licensing window. If not, click the Start button in the bottom left of your screen, select Programs, select IBM SPSS Statistics or SPSS Inc, then click on IBM SPSS Statistics 21 License Authorization Wizard

You should now see a window titled Product Authorization.

  • Select License my product now and click the Next button.

  • The next window will ask you to enter the license code. Type the License Key found on the downloads for SPSS in the box.

  • Make sure that your internet is working and click the Next button.

  • If the code was typed correctly and your internet connection is working, you will see a green tick.

  • Click the Next button.

  • You should now see a window titled Licensing Completed.

  • Click the Finish button.

SPSS is now installed and ready for use.