All staff and students are given a University email account, which you are expected to use for University related messages. Within the University we use Microsoft Outlook® on PCs and Microsoft Entourage® on Apple Macs.


Storage limits

Students have an email storage limit (quota) of 50GB and a file attachment size of 25MB.
Additionally, your Office 365 account has 1TB cloud storage available to allow you to safely and securely store your documents.

You can also access your emails from any mobile device with an Internet connection


Off-campus access to your email

You can access your University email account when you're off-campus via Outlook Web Access

You can also add your email account to your smartphone: Accessing email on mobile phones

You can use Microsoft Outlook at home: Outlook from home

Your student email is provided by Microsoft's Office 365 cloud based service.

Benefits include:

  • Mailbox storage of 50GB per student

  • Online document storage with web based editing of office documents

  • Allows you to send email attachments up to 25MB

  • Access to documents, emails and data from your mobile device and compatible with a range of web browsers

  • An additional 1TB cloud storage allowing you to safely and securely store documents



(PDF, file size: 224.32KB)

Your email address

Your primary email alias will default to the email address printed on your student card, in the format

Several alternative email addresses are also provided for convenience when dealing with external contacts as listed below:

where "f" denotes the first character of your forename, "i" denotes the first character of a middle initial, and "99" denotes a number added if required to ensure that your email address is unique (we may have more than one John Smith at the university)

in addition research students are provided with a  address.

You can see which additional addresses have been provided, and select which email is visible when sending messages externally from

Forwarding emails to your personal account

Students should check their university email account regularly as important information is sent to this account. You can if you wish forward emails to your personal email account by following these instructions (PDF, file size: 224.32KB)

Rules and regulations

To ensure that the University's email facilities are used appropriately and that you're aware of the legal consequences of any misuse, you should familiarise yourself with the University Email Policy. (PDF, file size: 49KB)

Remember to keep your account secure and do not allow anyone else access to it. If we find your account has been used to break the IT regulations then we assume that it is you who was using it.


Staff Directory

We have a searchable directory of staff email addresses.
(Due to Data Protection issues, we are not able to provide an online directory of student email addresses/usernames.)


User guides and how to's

We offer a wide range of documentation to help you use email at University.

General Guides
Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2007 (PDF, file size: 92.8KB)

Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh (PDF, file size: 541.32KB)

Installing Microsoft Outlook on a Macintosh (PDF, file size: 244.67KB)

Creating Entries in Public Contact Folders with Microsoft Outlook 

(PDF, file size: 96.14KB)  

Staff guides

Introduction to Microsoft Web Outlook┬« (PDF, file size: 1.13MB)  

User 180 Outlook 2007 Introductory guide for staff (PDF, file size: 415.72KB)  

Emailing Groups of Students from your Staff Email Account  (PDF, file size: 17.26KB)

Filtering Incoming Emails



Dealing with Spam guidelines for staff

For more information see spam email 

Handling 'spam' email in Outlook (PDF, file size: 63.81KB)  

Setting up Microsoft Outlook to reject 'Spam' mail (PDF, file size: 140.73KB)

File dropbox service for staff

Do you need to exchange large files with co-workers outside the University? Are you hitting the limits of what can be transferred by email (or just filling up your mailbox)? The new web-based dropbox service addresses these needs.


Access to your email account when you leave the University


Well before your course finishes remember to:

  • Save important information from your PC account (H Drive/central file storage) to a memory stick

  • Save important email messages and addresses to a memory stick.

  • Register with a new email service provider and get a working email account.

  • Do not rely on your student email account for communicating with banks or employers.

  • Inform all your contacts of your new email address.


If you leave your employment at the University your email account will be CLOSED. This will take place as soon as you have left and you will be unable to access it afterwards.

We strongly recommend that you set up a new email account well in advance of this and use it to inform all your regular contacts.

Mail coming to your old account can be forwarded to your new account for a short time after you leave. For this to happen you must inform us of your new email address at least one week before you leave.


Information Services Customer Support Centre
t: 01785 353800