Spam Email

What is Spam?

Spam (Unsolicited Commercial Email -UCE) is unwanted or junk email, usually it carries advertising material and can promote unsuitable web sites. 

What do I do with Spam messages?

The simplest way of dealing with spam is to delete the message straight away without opening it.


Never answer or open spam, this confirms your e-mail address and confirmed addresses get more spam.

Never use the "unsubscribe me" options in spam, this again confirms your address, remove "mailto" addresses from web pages email addresses are harvested from web pages by Spammers.

If you are unsure whether any message that you receive is genuine please contact Digital Services.

Why doesn't the University block these messages?

In short, it is impossible to block spam completely without also blocking incoming legitimate mail.

What are Digital Services doing about Spam?

Digital Services operates mail "gateway" systems that perform virus and spam checking on all incoming mail and also uses Microsoft Exchange Online Protection. These help to reduce the amount of spam that is delivered to university mailboxes.

Help and advice

For help and advice with setting your email spam preferences or dealing with spam, please contact:

Digital Services Customer Support Centre
Tel: 3800 (01785 353800)