Multi-function devices

The university has (MFDs) multi-function devices in all its buildings. You can send print jobs from any computer and collect them from any MFD on any Staffordshire University campus.

Mobile printing

You can print from a mobile device. Please see below for the step by step guides.

Mobile printing guides

Printing from your email (PDF, file size: 205.27KB)  

Printing from an Android (PDF, file size: 942.79KB)  

Printing from an iPhone and iPad (PDF, file size: 853.22KB)  

Printing from the web. (PDF, file size: 647.04KB)


Quick Guides........

Printing from web pages quick guide (PDF, file size: 565.85KB)

Printing from explorer on android quick guide (PDF, file size: 398.08KB)

Install a printer on an  android, (PDF, file size: 538.9KB)

Printing email attachments on Android (PDF, file size: 398.32KB)

Printing from web page on Android (PDF, file size: 160.3KB)

Printing web pages from an iPad and iPhone (PDF, file size: 213.23KB)

Instructions on how to install a printer on an iPhone and iPad (PDF, file size: 365.6KB)

Printing photos from an iPhone and iPad (PDF, file size: 140.98KB)

Printing attachments from iPhone and iPad (PDF, file size: 255.11KB)


MFD locations

Full list of University devices (XLSX, file size: 23.92KB)

University Location list (PDF, file size: 8.25MB)

Science centre location list (PDF, file size: 818.3KB)


(XLSX, file size: 19.41KB)  

Printing costs

Printing costs from 1 August 2014


A4 Black and White3p
A4 Colour10p
A3 Black and White6p
A3 Colour20p


How to credit your account

Credit /Debit card

You can credit your print account on line at


We will re-credit your printing account when a fault has occurred with your printing.

We will not give refunds on any unused print credit balance. 

User guide

This guide (PDF, file size: 1.77MB) will give you the basic information on how to use the MFDs to include:-

How to :-

Log in and out,

Use the more commonly used buttons,

Print , scan and copy,

Make double sided copies,

Sort and staple 

Reduce and enlarge.


Copying in more detail

This document can be used for display purposes by a MFD to show the basic guidelines  (PDF, file size: 636.47KB) of how to use an MFD to copy.

This video will give you step by step guidance on how to use the copier function.

The guide in the section above will also advise on how to make double sided copies, sort and staple, and reduce and enlarge your copies.


How to scan a document

This document can be used for display purposes by a MFD to illustrate how to scan a document (PDF, file size: 150.73KB) .

This video will give you step by step guidance on how to use this function.


Collecting your prints from an MFD

This video will give you step by step guidance on how to use this function.


Using Acetates

For directly printing a job onto Acetate, you must specify the Bypass Tray in
the print driver.
This cannot be overridden when you are retrieving the print from the printer.
Please see the guide below to show you how to change the settings in the driver.

Acetate printing guide. (PDF, file size: 1.8MB)

Sending a Fax

This document can be used by a MFD to show how to send a fax (PDF, file size: 493.27KB) .


Advanced features

There are a few advanced features that are available on the MFDs you may not use them often but they are useful to know about.

  • Inserting stamps (PDF, file size: 2.58MB) - such as "Confidential, or urgent" You can also add date stamps or page numbers.  You can also amend the colour of the stamp.

  • Double copies (PDF, file size: 731.53KB) user guide, this will show you how to make a double copy from one original.

  • Erase colour (PDF, file size: 690.62KB) option. This is enables you to remove marks, pen etc that may be on the original. 

Adjustable screens

We have installed new printers across the campus that now have adjustable tilt screens and a function to make the text on screen large.  If you require assistance using any of these features our staff are more than happy to demonstrate.


Recommended paper to use with the MFDs

It is recommended that "Navigator" paper is used in all the new MFDs.

Paper box lid (PDF, file size: 243.79KB) for reference.

Print policy

We have also developed a print policy (PDF, file size: 228.13KB) October 2013 which explains what we are trying to achieve with the new print solution and how the process will be slightly different in future for larger print jobs which ideally should go to the Print Room using their faster, more cost effective printers.


Think before you print posters

This document gives you a selection of posters to use to support "Think before you print" (PDF, file size: 9.41MB) .