Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions about our IT services.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Where can I use a computer on campus? 

  2. Where can I get help? Student IT Helpdesks

  3. What is my username and password? 

  4. What accounts will I get?
  5. What software programs are available to me?
  6. Do you provide any support for specialist or subject specific software?
  7. Where can I use the internet?
  8. Is there anything I am not allowed to access on the Internet?
  9. How can I access my email account?
  10. What is my email address?
  11. How can I find a lecturers email address?
  12. Where should I save my work to?
  13. How do I access the H drive off-campus?
  14. Can you recover a file from my H: drive?
  15. Can you recover a file from my USB drive?
  16. How do I print my work?
  17. Is there anywhere available to photocopy or scan documents?
  18. Can I use my laptop to connect to the University network on campus?
  19. I have exceeded my outlook quota what can I do?   (PDF, file size: 87.36KB)