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University Libraries are managed by Information Services. Our Libraries aren't just about books - they are a massive resource of information tailored to the needs of our students and staff.

We also value your feedback and you can contact us in a number of ways


Where can I find a library?

We have Libraries and Service desks on all our sites in Stoke, Stafford and Shrewsbury. All have experienced and friendly staff who can answer your queries and help you to access and use resources effectively. Some libraries are open 24/7 at key times in the academic year and we have a 24 hour help line too. Read more about Where can I find a library? »

Collections and Archives

Our collection is so much more than books on shelves - you have access to a library collection that includes a wide range of eResources, journals, specialist and rare materials, plus DVDs and CDs. Read more about Collections and Archives »