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Library refurbishment

Thompson Library, College Road, Stoke

The first floor in Thompson has reopened why not come along and see for yourself. There are brand new study spaces and equipment for you to use.

The Library Conference room has been refurbished and is now the Alfred Bolton room. This space is available for everybody to use as long as it has not been booked and opens up the library for even more group study and learning activities.  Check the timetable by the door.

If you have any queries please contact us by e-mail ask@staffs.ac.uk or drop in and ask at the Customer services or IT help desk.

We are always interested in your views so do let us know what you think about this new space,via our facebook or blog page, our comments and suggestions forms, found by the customer services desk or drop us an e-mail at ask@staffs.ac.uk.




New silent study area

The new silent study area gives you the opportunity to study in complete silence if you wish with study carrels and individual booths with sound restricting hoods available.


Quiet study areas

More quiet study areas are available,  these give you the opportunity to study as individual or in small groups, but talking should be kept to a minimum in these colour zoned amber areas.



Quiet study areas

Another example of a quiet study area.




Quiet study tech desk area

A tech desk for group work.


Group study areas.

The whole floor has been opened up to give you more group study areas with comfortable circular seating and more tech desks for you to use to work together on presentations.



iLab 2.0

The iLab 2.0 is an area of the Thompson Library where staff, and students, can meet up to discuss and work with technology, with regular workshops and guest-talks, the iLab is the place to be for both tech-heads and the tech-shy who want to either expand their already expansive knowledge or those who need help with an annoying tech-niggle.

One of the major weekly events is called techLab. This event encourages both staff and students to come along with technical queries that they’d like answers to; they can even bring their device with them and we’ll see if we can help them fix it on the spot!

It’s also a space which encourages innovative practice and thought with a smart board, glass writing walls, flexible furniture and touch screens to encourage and support creativity.

Keep up-to-date with the iLab blog: blog.staffs.ac.uk/ilab

Using the high density shelving in Thompson green room

If the Library Catalogue shows that the book you need is in the main collection you will need to use the high density shelving to access this.  These can be slightly daunting the first time you use this, but once you learn a few simple rules you should find using it quite straightforward.

There are some basic instructions on the end of each bay of shelving and we have also created a short video to show you what to do - as well as what not to do! - when accessing a book in the high density shelving.


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