IT Regulations at a glance

Users of the University's IT facilities must comply with the University's policies and regulations governing these facilities.

The following activities contravene these regulations and are deemed a serious offence when using any computer connected to the university network.

  1. Viewing or downloading any form of pornographic, racist or offensive material.

  2. Using email to send abusive, racist, offensive messages to anyone.

  3. Harassment of any person via email

  4. Hacking.

Downloading material for research purposes that contravene these rules must obtain advance authorisation form Information Services.

Accounts are monitored centrally for misuse. Where misuse is suspected then the account may be disabled. (A non functioning account does not necessarily indicate that it has been disabled).

Breaches of the IT regulations will lead to disciplinary action.  Initially this may involve a warning and an interview with a senior manager within Information Services.

Further disciplinary action depends on the severity of the offence and any previous instances by the person in question.


The account holder is deemed responsible for the misuse of the account.

For a full list of our policies please see:-

List of IT Policies and Regulations