Students' responsibilities when using IT facilities

  • Computing facilities within Information Services managed areas are provided for approved purposes only.

  • We have implemented secure username and password protected systems, to ensure that you can maintain individual, and secure access to your work and email. These security features cannot be bypassed without detection. Do not jeopardise that privilege by giving others access to your email or other IT account - you are in breach of the regulations if you do this.

  • All computers are monitored centrally for misuse. (Information Services can monitor IT accounts but not change anything within them.)  Breaches of the IT Regulations will lead to disciplinary action being taken.

  • Where misuse is suspected then the account may be disabled. If this happens you may be unable to complete essential assignments, and ultimately jeopardise your chances of completing your coursework.  If your IT account has been disabled, please enquire at the nearest IT Help Desk.

  • We cannot obtain your password from the system.  No one may open your IT account and use it without your password.  You are the account holder and deemed responsible for use of that account.  If you have allowed another person to use your account then you are implicated in any instance of misuse.  

  • Disciplinary action taken will depend upon the severity of the offence.  Initially this may involve an interview with a senior manager within Information Services.  Persistent offenders will be subject to escalation procedures.

  • Any money remaining on your print and photocopy account can be used for the following year or for future use.

  • For students who are finishing their course this year we cannot refund money remaining on the accounts at the end of the year or course. It is expected that final year students will manage the use of their accounts to ensure that all stored money has been used. 


  • LOG OFF when you finish using a computer.

  • DO NOT leave your account open for someone else to use.

  • If your account has been used incorrectly it will be assumed that it is you who was using it at the time.

  • It is essential and very simple to keep your passwords for access to the computers and email secret, and to change them often.    

What constitutes account misuse?

Misuse of IT accounts includes:

  • Downloading or viewing obscene, pornographic, racist, offensive, material. (Exceptions may be made for anyone requiring material as a legitimate part of research. Authorisation must be obtained from Information Services beforehand.)

  • Email messages sent to annoy, harass or upset the recipient.

  • Email messages of a threatening, abusive or obscene nature.

  • Contravention of the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

  • Contravention of the Obscene Publications Act 1959.

  • Contravention of the Data Protection Act 1998.

  • Hacking or attempted hacking of systems.

  • Using IT facilities for a purpose other than that for which you are properly authorised.    
    Please read all of the  IT Policies and Regulations.