Creating a printed course pack

Who can have a printed course pack?

  • The Copyright Licensing Agency Licence allows the making of multiple copies by or for the benefit of authorised persons.
  • Authorised persons are current members of staff and registered students of the University.
  • Note, however, students studying on short-term courses, delivered on a cost-recovery basis, in return for a fee and which are not included in the UCAS brochure are not classed as authorised persons.
  • Any exceptions please contact



What can I include?

  • The University holds the CLA Higher Education Licence for Photocopying and Scanning 

  • All UK published material is included subject to not being included on the List of Excluded Categories and Works published on the CLA website

  • US works can be photocopied unless excluded, but scans can only be made from specifically opted in material. To check if the material you want to use is excluded use the Check Permissions tool.

  • Other countries- contact Library Digitisation team.

  • Check University owned material and if available electronically.

  • Items not stocked can be ordered copyright fee paid from the British Library.
  • Diagrams can be included. 

  • Visit: List of excluded categories and works (CLA website).

  • The Library Digitisation team will advise you on all your course pack requirements
    Thompson Library
    Tel: 01782 294883

How much can I include?

There are limits on the amount of material which can be copied and included in a course pack without express permission first being needed from the rights holder(s) which may result in a fee being paid.

Extent Limits

• either singly or in aggregate, not more than 10% of any published edition,


• One complete book chapter
• One article of a journal issue 
• One paper of one set of conference proceedings
• One short story or one poem, one short story or poem not exceeding 10 pages in length,
• in the case of a published report of judicial proceedings, the entire report of a single case.        
• The CLA Licence permits the copying of graphical images, e.g. diagrams, illustrations, photographs etc." and their inclusion in course packs, whether they are separate or accompany illustrative text, e.g. they appear in the context of a journal article.  Note that maps, charts and books of tables are not covered by the CLA Licence.

How do I order my printed course packs?

  • Supply bibliographic information, number of people enrolled, title, module code and duration of the course

  • You will be informed of the total cost of the service before proceeding.
    University Libraries stock is charged at 5p per page.
    Non University stock can be obtained from the British Library copyright fee paid.
    1. if the price is acceptable, a master copy of the course pack will be created for you to take to the printing section. On collection, a copyright disclaimer form will need to be signed. 
    2. The total cost of the course pack will be charged to your faculty cost centre code.

When will my course packs be ready?

Please order course packs as far in advance as is possible to enable copyright checks to be completed.