Computer facilities for disabled users

Computer facilities

We provide:-

  • Specific PCs with specialist software and large monitors in all our main IT Learning centres.
  • PCs, laptop network points and printers on the ground floor of the Law Library with priority use for disabled people.
  • Wireless base stations in the Law and Thompson Libraries and the Blackheath Lane library and IT centre and lecture theatres.
  • Electric height adjustable desks in Brindley (Room B112), Cadman (Room C101), two in the Blackheath Lane Library & IT centre and one in the silent study room and Law Building (ground floor).
  • Specialised keyboards to aid with visual problems and other keyboards to assist with finger steadying.
  • Oversized Trackball.
  • Portable Induction Loops.
  • Portable Digital Voice Recorders


  • MindGenius (Mind Mapping software) is available on all student PC's.
  • Dolphin Supernova (Screen Enlarger and reader) available at Thompson and Law libraries , the Blackheath Lane library and IT centre and the Brindley and Cadman buildings.
  • ClaroSuite (Document Reader) is available at Brindley, Law, Thompson and Blackheath Lane Library & IT centre.
  • ClaroRead 2011 USB Fobs (Thompson & Blackheath Lane Library & IT centre).


Digital Services Customer Support Centre
t: 01785 353800