Binding Service

Binding support at key times

*New service* - During key times we have staff on hand to help you with binding your documents/assignments. Ask at the Customer Service desk for more information.

24 hour binding service

Available at

  • Stoke Campus - Thompson Library

  • Stafford Campus – Blackheath Lane Library and IT Centre

Hours of availability

  • Binding jobs can be submitted any time during staffed opening hours


Binding jobs will be ready for collection from the Customer Services Counter (at the site the job is submitted) at the following times:

  • Monday – Thursday, Sunday: at the same time the following day between
    staffed opening times or the next day the Customer Services Counter is open

  • Friday – Saturday: at the same time on Monday

Price (per copy or assignment bound)

  • £2.50 (up to and including 70 pages)

  • £3.50 (71 pages and over)

Type of binding

Price per copy or assignment includes:

  • Black plastic spiral comb

  • Clear plastic front cover

  • Coloured cardboard back cover (colours: black, white, red, navy, sky)


A form needs to be completed and submitted with the work to be bound (copies of the form are available from each site Customer Services counter)  

Self-service binding

Available at   

  • Stoke Campus - Thompson Library

  • Stafford Campus – Blackheath Lane Library and IT Centre

Hours of availability

  • The self-service binding machines are available in the Customer Service
    areas during staffed opening times AND self-service opening hours

Self help tutorial

  • At Thompson Library there is an on-screen tutorial available to show you how to use the self-service comb binding machines.  Select the model of machine you have chosen to use and follow the on-screen demo.


Binding is free of charge.  Binding materials are available at the following
prices from the Customer Services desks at Thompson and Blackheath Lane Libraries during staffed opening times:

  • Black plastic binding comb: £0.50

  • Clear plastic front cover: £0.25  

  • Coloured card back cover (colours: black, white, red, navy, sky): £0.25

  • Thermal binding cover: £2.00 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the binding service please contact us on:

01782 295770 or email us at