The Counselling and Mental Wellbeing team is offering three different workshops for students during the Autumn and Spring Terms 2018/19, commencing October 2018.

The three workshops are:

Building Confidence and self-esteem
Learn how to feel more confident and positive about yourself.

Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Understand your own anxiety better and learn about self-help strategies to help manage anxiety and panic attacks.

Find out about Mindfulness and how it can help develop a clearer and calmer mind and body.


Each workshop lasts for 1 ½ hours and will usually have about 10 students attending (maximum 20). Workshops will be informal in style, some involving a short presentation by the workshop facilitator (who will be one of the Counsellors from the Counselling and Mental Wellbeing team.)  There will not be any role plays and there will be no expectation that students will contribute, however there will be opportunities for students to share their experiences should they wish to.  You can attend one, two or all three of the workshops but the workshops are 'one-off' sessions, so you only need to attend each workshop once.

There is no need to book (the Workshops are free) – just come along on the day.  Places will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.  All workshops will take place in the September Room in the Students’ Union on College Road, above the Ember Lounge, 2.30 – 4.00pm.

The dates of the workshops are:

Building confidence & self-esteemMonday       15/10/2018
Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks Wednesday31/10/18
Building confidence & self-esteemThursday8/11/18
Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks Monday19/11/18
Building confidence & self-esteemMonday11/2/19
Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks Tuesday19/2/19
Building confidence & self-esteemThursday7/3/19
Managing Anxiety and Panic Attacks Monday11/3/19