If you have arrived at University and have been feeling a little lost, overwhelmed and homesick, this is normal. It is a big thing coming to University and can be a daunting experience; particularly if it is your first time away from home.

There is no shame in feeling homesick. It will pass but everyone is different and gets through feeling homesick at their own pace. Remember that it's very normal, it's completely understandable and it's okay to miss home once in a while.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not on your own. It might seem this way but the truth is that you're not the first person to feel homesick, and there will more than likely be other students feeling the same as you.

Don't try to ignore how you are feeling, instead, try to confide in someone sooner rather than later. You can seek support from the University through the Student Guidance Advisors (


Tip 1: Don't go into hiding

If you are struggling, try to stay on campus for at least the first week. Don't visit home straight away because this can make your feelings worse when you are due to return.


Tip 2: Visit the Students' Union

Talk to the Students' Union about getting involved with Clubs or Societies. This is a great way to make new friends and will also help give you an opportunity to do something that you enjoy.


Tip 3: Speak to a Student Guidance Advisor

As mentioned before, you can contact a Student Guidance Advisor through