Never Stand By


“If you see something, say something, do something.”

This simple but powerful message is what Keele and Staffordshire Universities and Students’ Unions are asking their communities to do, as part of a new initiative called Active Bystanders.

Jaime-Lee Cunningham, President of Staffordshire University Students’ Union, said: “The #neverstandby initiative has our full support and complements work we have already done on and off campus with our Be Safe campaign. For such an important topic it is great to see cooperation from all involved. We have a fantastic student community here at Staffs and so we will do all we can to make it a pleasant and discrimination-free environment.”

Take the pledge and commit to be an Active Bystander:

Being an Active Bystander means that we #NeverStandby when we witness troubling behaviour; instead we strive to take action and ensure that our communities continue to feel safe, and are fun and accepting places to be.

This is all about stepping up, if it feels safe, when we see or hear things that are wrong.

By pledging to #NeverStandby you agree to:

  • Step in and give help (if it’s safe), or step out and get help (if it’s unsafe)

  •  Empower those close to me to Never Standby!

  • Do whatever I can do to create and maintain a safe and supportive University community