Worried about a friend?

Worried about a friend? Is your friend struggling to cope or going through emotional distress?

Feel free to complete the form below and one of our Student Guidance Advisors will attempt to contact the student you have raised concerns about.  We will not disclose any information about the referral made; we will contact the student as a general ‘how’s it going’ enquiry.


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We can help

Come along to the Information Points and chat to one of our Student Guidance Advisors. The team can listen to your concerns and discuss what support is available for you and your friend. We have lots of support available at Staffordshire University and the team can help to direct you to the appropriate service. You can also email the team: support@staffs.ac.uk

You could also talk to our Student Wellbeing Advisors in the Student Enabling Centre. Staffordshire University recognises that in life we all have our ups and downs and react to things in different ways, and have different ways of coping. We are committed to promoting a culture of support and positive mental wellbeing for our students and we hope that by creating such a culture, your experience here will be a positive one.

It is important for you to know that we are here to support you emotionally as well as academically, and that there are a range of support services that you can access.

Find out more about the University's Mental Wellbeing Support.