Undergraduate Chemistry Degrees

Our new Chemistry courses build upon our longstanding expertise in analytical science and the application of chemistry in the real world in areas such as pharmaceutical science and forensic science.

Our experienced teaching staff provide budding chemists with a robust education, from the basic concepts that underpin chemistry through to the development, synthesis and identification of complex molecules and materials. With a flexible approach to learning, we provide opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge of chemistry beyond the laboratory. We also develop students’ expertise in related fields including pharmaceutical science, forensic analysis, biochemistry and plastic electronics, producing confident, knowledgeable and highly skilled scientists ready for the world of work.



Our £30m Science Centre is an incredible place for students to learn.

With a range of specialist laboratories for synthetic chemistry, chemical analysis and biochemical work, these facilities are at the forefront of scientific teaching and learning. In addition to this we have a great range of chemical equipment including a scanning electron microscope, x-ray diffractometer and NMR spectrometer, all of which is available for our students to use.

The Beacon Building

A brand new building. It includes teaching spaces, IT labs, and a new cafe housed at the centre of the University's campus.

Specialist Facilities

We've invested £40 million in specialist laboratories, studios and updated social spaces. All to ensure you experience a balanced university life.

Cadman Studios

A brand new £11.5 million development. The Cadman Studios connects our new TV, Music Technology and Games Design facilities together. These include an Industry-standard television studio and control rooms, game motion capture studio and live music rooms built in acoustic boxes.

Halls of Residence

Your home from home. If you stay with us you'll stay in brand new facilities, social spaces and outside areas. Your new refurbished accommodation includes USB plugs, instant hot water boilers, outdoor pizza oven and Bluetooth kitchen speakers.


Chemistry graduates are highly sought after by employers in a wide range of businesses and occupation.

Many graduates will progress to careers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, carrying out many different roles in chemical research and development, analysis and management. There are many other possibilities too, including working in environmental science, forensic science, biotechnology and teaching. And with so many transferable skills under your belt, careers in accountancy and finance, law and business management are all open to you.

Guaranteed Work Experience

We'll connect you to your future. Join us and you'll be amongst the first to use our new city campus in Stoke-on-Trent. We've invested millions in creating new campus experiences designed around you. Giving you everything you need to open doors and break boundaries.

We've invested £40 million to make the student experience better for everyone. So, If specialist laboratories and studios are important to you, we've got you covered. Or if balancing university life in new social and leisure spaces is the clincher, consider it clinched.