Undergraduate Forensic and Crime Sciences Degrees

Help provide answers to questions of law with a Forensic Science degree. You can cover a range of scientific techniques and criminal investigation with us. So, whether your interest lies in DNA profiling or building a criminal case, there's a degree for you.

You'll learn from former senior police officers, academic experts, and forensic caseworkers. It doesn't matter which degree you choose, you'll gain from their extensive experience.

Specialist facilities will be yours to use. Our Crime Scene House, analytical laboratories, and specialist rooms all mirror your future workplace. So, while you do anything from decomposition to ballistics, you'll do it as you will in real life.

You'll also have the option to study with a year in industry. You can study abroad in the Netherlands, USA or Canada. And our unique Staffordshire Police partnership gives you the chance to work in forensics. Here, you'll attend crime scenes, process evidence and carry out impactful research.

What our staff and students say

The practical side of the degree is fantastic, giving you the opportunity to attend mock crime scenes. Staffordshire University introduced me to a research project scheme and, combined with my own determination, I was offered a temporary role in that organisation, where I have since been successful in a permanent position.

Tina Varley - BSc (Hons) Forensic Investigation

The course has given me the knowledge and skills to collect evidence on a crime scene - skills I now use in my job. Without help from the University I wouldn't be where I am now. It's pretty much my dream job.

Louise Walker - Forensic Science Scenes of Crime Officer

You'll be taught by a dedicated, dynamic and highly experienced team that includes ex-senior police officers, career academics with international research profiles and those with extensive experience of forensic casework. We also have superb facilities for you to study in.

Andrew Jackson - Academic Group Leader


You'll analyse seized drugs in state-of-the-art laboratories. Process scenes at our interactive Crime Scene House. And you'll conduct suspect interviews in our interview suites. All under expert instruction of our experienced professionals.

Our Forensic and Crime Science department has an incredible range of equipment for you to use. With so many specialist facilities at your disposal, you'll be ready to work in a range of environments.

Crime Scene House

We have a dedicated Crime Scene House fitted with CCTV and two-way audio which gives the option for both internal and external crime scenes, so you can hone your investigative and crime scene examination skills.

Science Centre

Our specifically designed Science Centre includes specialist laboratories, interview suites, and dedicated specialist equipment.

Take a 360 look at our Forensics Facilities


Our Forensic and Crime Science degrees are the ideal preparation for a career in a number of roles.

These include; crime scene investigation, forensic labs, technical management, consultancy, or research and development.

You can do work experience in prisons, forensic organisations, or police forces. This added experience ensures you graduate with an edge over the competition. It could also be your first step to employment with your placement organisation.

You can also opt to take on our MSCi degrees. These courses offer you a direct route to Masters level. This enables you to develop further in a work placement or a research assistantship post. You can also develop expertise in your choice of fields.

Options include:

  • Criminal justice system management and leadership
  • Transnational and organised crime
  • Specialised forensic techniques
  • Cutting-edge forensic multimedia techniques.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Policing
  • Prison Service
  • Health Service
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Loss Adjustment
  • Researcher
  • Consultancy
  • Technical Management
  • Forensic Laboratory
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Teaching Lab Technician
  • Scientific Lab Technician
  • Toxicologist
  • Forensic expert
  • Education
  • Science writer

Guaranteed Work Experience

Who says students have never done a day's work? We provide the opportunity of work experience for all new students joining us in September.

This work experience may be closely linked to your course, or it could be a broader experience designed to develop your employability skills. Our commitment will give students the best possible mix of knowledge and experience.

We're working in partnership with Staffordshire Police and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to transform forensic science. This partnership is about challenging current knowledge and practice. Through it, you'll have the chance to take a placement and/or work on research projects with the Police. The outcomes of your work could affect a real change within the community in which you work and study.

On our BSc degree's you can opt to take a placement year. You also be able to collaborate on research projects with organisations in the criminal justice system. These include police forces, forensic nurses, professional bodies, forensic investigation units and laboratories.

Subject-related opportunities to enhance your experience and skill set are also available. You could join our FaCS Student Society. Learn more about Forensic Archaeology on a dedicated module. Undertake a placement with Staffordshire or Derbyshire Police Forensic Units. You can also apply for an international exchange experience in the Netherlands.

Work Experience Opportunities:

We have a unique partnership with Staffordshire Police giving you the opportunity to work in real-world forensics by attending crime scenes, processing evidence and/or carrying out impactful research and development.