Undergraduate History Degrees

On our History degrees, you'll dissect how we co-exist in the face of rapid changes.

You'll gain a deep understanding of the changes that impact our world. Wars, revolutions, the global economy, the environment, society, culture and power, are among them.

You won't just learn in the classroom. You'll revisit the past through a variety of teaching methods, work placements and trips. These include activities in museums, record offices and a visit to Dublin, Ireland.

You'll enjoy small class sizes. Guided by experts in British, German, Italian and Irish national histories, we offer immersive study. And our research-led approach allows you to really get under the skin of the subject. Cutting-edge study of current and historical debate.


What our staff and students say

My research is on the contemporary security history of Britain and Ireland, and also Britain's 'end of empire'. My teaching draws directly on my research in a number of modules including 'Ireland since the Act of Union: 1800-Present', 'Britain and the End of Empire', and 'Governments, Intelligence Agencies and the Twentieth Century World'.

Dr Tony Craig (Associate Professor) - History Course Leader

I felt completely at home and contributed actively as a mature student. The history department is extremely well organised and the lecturers are always there to offer guidance and support. The quality of the modules and teaching expertise is excellent. Studying History at Staffordshire University has been a truly wonderful experience.

Jayne Millward - Modern History

Undertaking a History degree at Staffordshire University was a delight from start to finish due to the diverse range of knowledge and enthusiasm that the tutors had. The Dissertation preparation plan module opened my eyes to the use and value of new online journals and primary sources for my study of Victorian London.

Chris Halsall - Modern History


Our learning facilities are considerable and will provide all the materials you'll need. It doesn't matter whether you choose Modern History or Modern and International History.

The Thompson Library also offers outstanding computer facilities. All so you can get the most from both our book and journal collections. We also subscribe to a huge selection of ebooks, journals, reference collections and other databases too.

IT Facilities

You'll have access to the state-of-the-art IT facilities as well as the extensive collection of history texts and resources in our newly refurbished Thompson Library.


The Thompson Library also offers outstanding computer facilities, all so you can get the very most from both our book and journal collections. We subscribe to a huge selection of ebooks, journals, reference collections and other databases too.

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The strong skills of research, logic and communication which our graduates gain, make them employable.

History isn't just a fascinating area of study; it can also lead to a vast array of different careers. This is because the attributes you develop show skill, motivation and independent thought.

Our graduates have secured positions in management, government, schools, media, and law. Others look to build successful careers with international companies and organisations.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Teaching
  • Local Government
  • Museums
  • Archives
  • Records Management
  • Media Researching Policies
  • Heritage
  • Civil Service
  • Third sector
  • Community organiser

Guaranteed Work Experience

Who says students have never done a day's work? We provide the opportunity of work experience for all new students.

This work experience may link to your course, or it could be a broader experience. Our commitment will give students the best possible mix of knowledge and experience.

We want to open your eyes to the exciting career opportunities that your History degree can lead to. That's why we can help you secure high-quality work placements. Completing a placement will help you to decide which career you want to pursue. You'll equip yourself with both the knowledge and experience of your chosen field.

Placement Opportunities

Previous students on our History degrees have gone on to placements with organisations including:

  • Museums
  • Heritage centres
  • Archive services
  • University press office
  • Primary schools.
  • Secondary schools