Undergraduate Paramedic Degrees

Learn to face the unexpected and perform vital emergency care in pre-hospital and urgent care environments on our Paramedic Science degree.

If you're a registered paramedic, our BSc Paramedic Science degree will develop your depth of knowledge, on which your professional practice, skills and expertise are based.

You'll critically analyse theories and concepts from health and social care orientated perspectives, and apply your knowledge and skills developed on the degree to the dynamic pre-hospital care environment.

If you're looking to gain the experience and skills to apply to become a Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Paramedic, our FDSc Paramedic Science degree is for you.

Half of your study will be practice based and you'll be mentored by an experienced paramedic, normally within West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust. For the other half, you'll be taught by experienced paramedic lecturers and key educators at the University.

You'll study with other occupational groups in healthcare (Midwives, Nurses, and Operating Department Assistants) and gain knowledge of the assessment and management of patients throughout the lifespan. You'll also understand the professional issues and research that surrounds and underpins paramedic practice.



Studying on our Paramedic Science course you'll undertake simulated practice of clinical skills in our brand new Centre of Excellence facilities, including bespoke clinical skills labs.

You'll develop your skills and apply theory to practice in a safe environment. Ensuring students practice these skills in the university setting develops confidence which has a positive impact on the quality of care provided during clinical placements. We also have the use of our own paramedic training ambulance.

Clinical skills labs

You'll learn fundamental skills associated with emergency pre-hospital care. This includes; advanced patient assessment techniques; airway management; obtaining intramuscular, intravenous and intraosseous access; advanced life-support skills.

Safeside at Eastside

You'll experience some of the most realistic training scenarios during a day spent at the West Midlands Fire Service Safeside at Eastside location in Birmingham. This location boasts a custom built training village and students are required to answer radio calls to various mock incidents.


You'll learn how to use a vast array of equipment associated with emergency pre-hospital care. Just a few examples include: vacuum and traction splints, oxygen powered ventilator, extrication and immobilisation equipment, drug administration equipment, and Zoll X-series cardiac monitors/defibrillators.

Community House

Fitted with audio and video facilities specifically to record scenarios and allow detailed feedback. Paramedic students often use the house to replicate realistic environments.


Equipped with outstanding spaces for private and collaborative group study, our libraries aren't just about books. You'll have access to a massive resource of journals and online information, all of it tailored to the needs of our healthcare students.


Paramedic students and other student clinicians who may have pre-hospital involvement, can hone their skills in our very own fully kitted training ambulance, which allows our students to practice realistic scenarios and to prepare for their placements.

Social Space

Our Centre of Excellence sites both have dedicated spaces for you to study and socialise. When you need a change of pace, you'll find comfortable seating, eating areas, TVs, magazines and books.


We're transforming the Centre for Excellence for Health Sciences, based at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital site, with more than £1 million being invested to provide our students with the best possible student experience.


These state-of-the-art labs allow a number of clinical procedures to be simulated on mannequins, enabling students to reach a level of confidence and proficiency before carrying out procedures on real patients.

Take a 360 look at our Paramedic Facilities


As pre-hospital service provision and paramedic autonomy continues to evolve, there is an ever expanding field of opportunity in this area.

For those studying the FDSc Paramedic Science degree, this opens an exciting career path is set to continue to diversify, offering the potential for greater specialisation in the future. Should you wish to further develop your clinical skills and theoretical knowledge, this degree also provides a foundation for the BSc(Hons)Paramedic Science degree.

Almost all the students on BSc Paramedic Science degree are at least part-funded by their current employer. This degree has been developed in collaboration with West Midlands Ambulance NHS Trust (WMAS) who currently commission Staffordshire University to deliver paramedic programmes.

Guaranteed Work Experience

Who says students have never done a day's work? We provide the opportunity of work experience for all new students joining us in September.

This work experience may be closely linked to your course, or it could be a broader experience designed to develop your employability skills. Our commitment will give students the best possible mix of knowledge and experience.