Undergraduate Social Work and Social Welfare Degrees

Make a difference to individuals, families, and communities lives with a degree in Social Work or Social Welfare.

You'll gain the knowledge and skills to turn your passion for social justice into impact. You'll learn to work with a wide range of groups such as older people, people with disabilities, people experiencing domestic violence, or people with debt, benefit, immigration, housing, substance misuse or consumer issues.

The BA Hons Social Work Course prepares you for a career in the personal social services or more general health and social care welfare settings. Recently approved by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), successful completion of the course enables you to apply for registration with the HCPC and use the legally protected title 'social worker'.

The BA (Hons) Social Welfare Law, Policy and Advice Practice course equips you for a career in a wide range of settings, including Housing Associations, Local Government, Law Centres, and large voluntary and community sector organisations such as Save the Children, MIND, Shelter, Age UK or Citizens Advice.


What our staff and students say

I'm glad that I did the course, I never thought that I would achieve a degree and as I think I have already said, I think I'm a better person for it.

Debra Brown - Social Welfare Law, Policy And Advice Practice


Inspiration is in progress at Staffordshire University as we transform our Stoke-on-Trent campus and new Centres of Excellence of across Staffordshire.

Community House

Fitted with audio and video facilities specifically to record scenarios and allow detailed feedback. Paramedic students often use the house to replicate realistic environments.

Observation Suite

At our Stoke-on-Trent campus, we have a social work observation suite, which is equipped with video recording equipment and telephones. There is a one-way mirror enabling staff and students to observe practice. The interviews can also be recorded for students to reflect on their practice.

Specialist Facilities

We've invested £40 million in specialist laboratories, studios and updated social spaces. All to ensure you experience a balanced university life.

Cadman Studios

A brand new £11.5 million development. The Cadman Studios connects our new TV, Music Technology and Games Design facilities together. These include an Industry-standard television studio and control rooms, game motion capture studio and live music rooms built in acoustic boxes.

The Beacon Building

A brand new building. It includes teaching spaces, IT labs, and a new cafe housed at the centre of the University's campus.

Halls of Residence

Your home from home. If you stay with us you'll stay in brand new facilities, social spaces and outside areas. Your new refurbished accommodation includes USB plugs, instant hot water boilers, outdoor pizza oven and Bluetooth kitchen speakers.


Our graduates have secured careers across the state, private and independent health organisations.

Employability is built into the very core of these degree programmes with practical experience on the job is just as important as the academic theory that underpins the knowledge you will gain.

Some of our graduates choose to continue their studies at a postgraduate level or to work in campaigning, fundraising or social policy roles.

Employment Opportunities:

  • Support Workers
  • Student Guidance Advisors
  • CAB Case Specialist
  • Domestic Violence Support
  • Statutory Services
  • Independent Services
  • Personal Social Services
  • Voluntary Services
  • General Health
  • Social Welfare

Guaranteed Work Experience

Who says students have never done a day's work? We provide the opportunity of work experience for all new students joining us in September.

This work experience may be closely linked to your course, or it could be a broader experience designed to develop your employability skills. Our commitment will give students the best possible mix of knowledge and experience.

Throughout this process students will be developing partnership working with service users and carers, and exploring how they can work effectively and creatively with them. This is a very important dimension for the Award as a whole, and we expect all our students positively to welcome, and to work in partnership with, members of our Service Users and Carers Group who are involved in the teaching on the programme.