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Welcome to the Staffordshire University CPE/GDL course

This section is for students studying on the CPE/GDL course.

If you have any queries, please contact:

Reading List 2014-15

Download CPE/GDL Reading List 2014-15

Welcome Week

Welcome Week schedule - CPE/GDL (DOCX, file size: 22KB)

Please Read CPE/GDL Full-Time Day Information (DOCX, file size: 21.63KB)

Please Read CPE/GDL Part-Time Day Information (DOCX, file size: 21.18KB)

View the Interactive University Student Handbook which contains University-wide specific information and can be used to answer many of the questions you may have during your time here. It also tells you where you can get more information and further guidance and support.

New students

Make sure you visit our My first week and Life as a student - frequently asked questions pages which contains additional information about what to expect, see and do when you arrive or start your course with Staffordshire University.  There is also important information about the various support services we offer and a frequently asked questions section. 

Campus Map

Course handbooks

Your course handbook will give you details of the modules you will be studying and when you will be studying them.

CPE/GDL Course Handbook (DOC, file size: 498.5KB)

CPE/GDL Course Handbook (PDF, file size: 679.74KB)


Accessing Blackboard 9.1 - Staffordshire University's Virtual Learning Environment

Blackboard Course Management system is a web-based software system which will be used by the Law School to support flexible teaching and learning whether your class is taught face-to-face or at a distance. It provides tools and facilities to manage your course as well as content and provides online collaboration and communication. Although this is a text based medium, courses can be enhanced with audio and video.


Mentoring Scheme 2013-2014: CPE/GDL Full-Time & Part-Time Year 2

Mentoring Scheme - Information Sheet (PDF, file size: 7.74KB)

Mentoring Scheme Information to Mentors (PDF, file size: 21.6KB)

Mentors Student Guidelines (PDF, file size: 15.09KB)

Code of Conduct (PDF, file size: 18.21KB)

Mentor Student Diary (PDF, file size: 3.16KB)

Online enrolment

Don't forget to enrol online before you return in September.

Find out more about online enrolment

Student Charter

Student Charter and Behaviour Policy

We recognise the value of the Student/University relationship and we have developed the Student Charter which details how this can work in practice.

The Charter explains, in simple terms, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you in return.

The Student Behaviour Policy (PDF, file size: 159.32KB) (PDF, file size: 59.59KB) informs you of the behaviour we expect of our students.