The School of Health and Social Care - New Students

Welcome March 2017 Cohort

Welcome to the Centre of Excellence for Healthcare Education and thank you for choosing Staffordshire University as your place to study.

You will be joining the School of Health and Social Care, a school of healthcare professionals delivering: Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Operating Departing Practice, Social Work  and Social Welfare Law. We look forward to meeting you and are excited to help you achieve your ambitions of achieving a career in health and social care.

The following pages aim to help you ease into your new or continuing academic life. To make sure you start or continue your award on a ‘strong footing’ we have put together a few web pages, which provide you with some key information about the whole induction and enrolment programme.

Welcome Week information

Welcome week will host a number of activities to help you settle in and prepare you for your course. It will also give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the University and Campus, as well giving you the chance to meet academic colleges, University staff and other students.

Welcome Week will commence on Monday 20 March 2017 at 09.00.

Preparing for Welcome Week

This section contains all the information you will need to prepare you for Welcome Week, when and where to come on your first day, and the activities scheduled for the week.