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COVID-secure campuses

The Government lifted almost all remaining COVID-19 restrictions in line with Step 4 of its roadmap on Monday 19 July 2021.

Our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and University community, while also ensuring a valuable and enriching on-campus experience, and we are therefore, for the time being, planning to maintain a number of the measures we have in place to ensure our campuses remain COVID-secure.

We will continue to follow Government and Department for Education guidance as it emerges, adapting as required, and looking at how it applies to all aspects of our University's activities.

We encourage all staff, students and visitors to be understanding of others’ personal circumstances and considerate of individuals that may continue to follow their own extra precautions.

We are a community that cares. Now more than ever before, it is important we look out for ourselves and one another, and play our part in reducing the risk of COVID-19. We are pleased to welcome our students, colleagues and visitors to our COVID-secure University campuses.

Our COVID-secure measures

Social distancing

In line with Government guidance, stating that social distancing is no longer mandatory in Step 4 of the roadmap, we will be removing the one-metre plus (1m+) social distancing policy in our University buildings, including offices, lecture theatres and classrooms. As part of this activity, we will see the removal of the room capacity signage on the doors.

In some social and catering settings, furniture will continue to be spaced further apart than prior to the pandemic, and this will be reviewed again for the new academic year. We also plan to keep the plastic screens in busy areas for the time being. 

Face coverings

While face coverings are no longer a requirement by law, cautious guidance remains, and our University policy will continue to require all students, staff and visitors to wear a face covering while moving through all University and Students’ Union buildings, unless you are exempt. You are not required to wear a face covering while seated.  

Hygiene measures

To maintain our COVID-security we would like to remind our University community of the importance of continuing to follow the hygiene measures that help reduce the spread of the virus, including staff and students washing their hands regularly, the use of hand sanitisers and the regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. We will continue to provide these products in all of our buildings. 


Testing and reporting remains an important step we can all take in terms of looking after our own health and that of other students and staff. Staff and students are still required to test regularly, ideally twice a week, using the lateral flow tests which are now widely available, and report the result.

COVID-19 Response Team

Here at Staffordshire University we are doing everything we can to support you through the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why we have established a dedicated team that is on hand to offer support 24/7.

Our COVID-19 Support and Response Team covers:

  • Oversight and ownership of Student Reporting Webform, COVID-19 emails and telephone enquiries
  • Rapid response, information gathering and tracing to determine potential risks to our community
  • Coordination of support for all students who are self-isolating, displaying symptoms or who have tested positive for coronavirus
  • Production of daily reports for Public Health England (PHE)
  • Production of resources and information
  • Ongoing development and review of the service

How do I contact the COVID-19 Support and Response team?

The team can be contacted via telephone on 01782 298 500 or via email by writing to

What happens if I contact the COVID-19 response team?

If you reach out to our team, whether you test positive, begin to display symptoms or are required to self-isolate because you are a close contact of someone who has tested positive, you will receive support, information and guidance.

  • All students and households will be designated a key point of contact from one of the following areas: ResLife, Student Support and Wellbeing, Students’ Union
  • Contact will be made on average three to four times during a period of self-isolation through a combination of telephone calls, emails and individual or household meetings hosted via Microsoft Teams
  • Students will be provided with a self-isolation guide featuring information about expectation, access to resources, cleaning and hygiene, access to support and services, etc.
  • We have established a formal partnership with ASDA, which includes priority codes, a 24-hour delivery guarantee and, if necessary, mass delivery
  • Support is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week through Campus Security, our Out-of-Hours Wellbeing and Community Coordinator and a team of staff on-call ensuring continuity and a rapid response if required

Safer Staffs Community Pledge 

We must work together to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of every member of our Staffs community, as well as those beyond our campuses with whom we are connected for whom we care. Each of us has a critical role to play in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and we must all play our part.

Together we will take every measure necessary to:

  • Protect ourselves
  • Protect others
  • Protect our Staffs community
  • Anyone who develops symptoms of COVID-19 should self-isolate and arrange a test. If you need to book a test, visit or call 0300 303 2713

Being a member of the Staffs community means that each of us – accountable together – must take action to stay well while protecting and supporting each other, both on campus and in our local areas.

Together, we pledge to:

1. Protect Ourselves

  • We will monitor ourselves for the symptoms of COVID-19 and arrange a test if we develop a high temperature (38¬°C or higher); a new, continuous cough; or if we experience a loss of, or change to, our sense of smell or taste.
  • We will wash our hands frequently with soap and water, or use hand sanitiser regularly.
  • We will catch coughs and sneezes with single-use tissues, before disposing of them responsibly and washing our hands.
  • We will avoid close contact with other people.

2. Protect Others

  • We will stay home and book a test if we develop symptoms, or if we learn we have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • We will wear appropriate face coverings and use other protective gear as directed by our University.
  • We will look out for and respect others, and encourage their commitment to the Safer Staffs Community Pledge.

3. Protect Our Staffs Community

  • We will keep our clothing, belongings, personal spaces and shared common areas clean.
  • We will participate in testing and contact tracing to preserve the wellness of our community.
  • We will observe instructional signs and follow directions carefully

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To support national efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus, and in line with our commitment to maintaining a COVID-secure environment for our students, staff and local communities, several of our on-campus venues are participating in the NHS COVID-19 App initiative.

How do I check in to University venues?

Simply download the NHS COVID-19 App from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) and scan the QR codes displayed at the entrances to our venues upon arrival.

Our University is integrating the app across a range of our on-campus facilities. Please select from the venue below to find out more information.

Catering outlets

The use of the NHS COVID-19 App will only apply to individuals who make use of seating within the below catering outlets, rather than those placing takeaway orders.

Stoke-on-Trent campus

  • Pavilion Café, College Road
  • Brindley Food Court, Leek Road
  • The Business Lounge, Leek Road

Centre for Excellence in Healthcare Education, Staffor

  • Dudley’s, Blackheath Lane

Students' Union venues

Vistors to the following Students' Union venues at our Stoke-on-Trent campus will be asked to participate in Test and Trace:

  • Squeeze Box, College Road
  • Ember Lounge, College Road
  • Verve, Leek Road
  • Marquee, Leek Road

Customers who wish to sit inside Squeeze Box should use the NHS COVID-19 App on arrival to scan the QR code on display. The use of the app will not apply to Squeeze Box customers placing takeaway orders.

When attending Ember Lounge or Verve, customers will be asked to scan their student or staff ID cards on entry. They should then use the NHS COVID-19 App to scan the venue-specific QR codes, which will be displayed on the tables.

Individuals attending the marquee at our Leek Road site, which is being used by the Students’ Union for attending organised activities, should use the NHS COVID-19 App to scan the QR code on arrival.


The use of the NHS COVID-19 App will only apply to individuals who remain in and use our library facilities, rather than those who are simply walking through.

If you wish to study in our Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford campus libraries or the Staffordshire University Shrewsbury Campus Health Library and Learning Centre, please download the app ahead of your visit and use it on arrival to scan the QR codes on display. If you are unable to download the app, you must fill out a paper form (copies available at reception) before using our facilities.

Any person who fails to comply with the UK Government’s contact tracing requirements will be asked to leave the premises.

Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Centre (SSMSC)

Members and visitors to the Sports Centre are asked to please scan the QR code displayed at the entrance of SSMSC on arrival.

For more information on sports activity on our COVID-secure campus, please see our dedicated sports pages.

Events hosted on our campuses

Instructions relating to the use of the NHS COVID-19 App for events will be shared with attendees on a case-by-case basis.

To learn more about the NHS’s response to coronavirus, please see their dedicated COVID-19 website.