Animal Science With Animal Behaviour (Top-Up) BSc (Hons)

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Location South Staffordshire College - Rodbaston Site
Duration 1 Year

2019/20 New Entrants, Full Time

  • Home and EU students: £5,950 per year of study
Course start September
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South Staffordshire College - Rodbaston SiteFull-time2019/20 Academic YearApply Direct
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Course outline

The Top-up Degree in Animal Science with Animal Behaviour is a one year full time programme of study validated by Staffordshire University but delivered at South Staffordshire College, Rodbaston Campus. There is also the opportunity to study part-time over a longer period of time.

Topics studied include:

  • Animal Learning Theory and Training
  • Land Based Business and Enterprise
  • Primate Management and Behaviour
  • Biological Statistics
  • Research project
  • Work-based experience

Assessment will be through a variety of methods but mainly assignment work where you will be asked to research a subject and produce appropriate evidence, this may be in the form of written work, a presentation, practical tasks, portfolios or video.  

Top-up Degree in Animal Science with Animal Behaviour delivered at South Staffordshire College, Rodbaston Campus.

Course content

This top-up to degree follows on from the Foundation degree in Animal Science with Animal Behaviour and has been developed specifically to maximise the attractiveness of its candidates to employers within the sector.

The course aims to allow you to develop a broad range of skills and knowledge about animal behaviour and its implications in animal husbandry, conservation and wildlife management. Throughout the course, the emphasis will be on how to use rigorous scientific method to investigate all aspects of animal science and to apply an evidencebased approach to making observations and evaluating their meaning.

You will be encouraged to investigate and explore all aspects of animal anatomy and physiology and how animals have adapted to meet the pressures of survival. You will examine the behaviour of animals, both in captivity and the wild, and the wider implications and importance of understanding and unravelling their ethology. As well as the scientific method you will also be encouraged to explore the morals and ethics of human animal interactions within the industry and the wider community.

You will investigate animal welfare, animal nutrition and animal breeding and how all of these have direct and indirect effects on animal behaviour. As well as the importance of strong subject knowledge, we recognise that practical skills and industry experience are highly prized by potential employers and therefore this course also offers an opportunity to develop your transferable skills and develop industry links during our animal management and industrial experience modules.

Scientific, observational and practical skills will be developed in our animal management centre, the Rodbaston Animal Zone, which houses a plethora of animals including both exotic and domestic species, whilst theory sessions will take advantage of modern, well equipped classroom and laboratories.

These modules will be assessed using practical assessment methods and portfolio based assignments to ensure the skills you gain are genuinely transferable and useful in your future professions. The course content will be delivered using a variety of innovative and exciting teaching and learning methods.

You will benefit from a range of guest speakers, subject specialist teaching staff with a large diversity of industry experience and several trips and visits to a number of relevant organisations, businesses and industries. During your second year you will have the opportunity to focus and apply your scientific skills to an individual research project and there may be an opportunity to go on an optional overseas study tour (additional costs are associated with this option). This ability to apply the scientific method to animal research and gain useful, evidence based insights into animal science and behaviour will be a vital and invaluable in all careers within the sector and beyond.

Entry requirements

This course is designed as a Top Up from our FdSc Animal Science with Animal Behaviour award, although if you have relevant Level 5 qualifications you can be considered for entry. The Top-Up aims to develop the skills you have gained at level 4 and 5 covering practical, theoretical and ethical aspects of animal science with a particular emphasis on animal behaviour, providing the skills required for a successful career in the animal sciences.

Employment opportunities

The experience and knowledge gained on the degree will make you very attractive to potential employers. The course has been designed to offer you a range of experiences and challenges and to allow you to gain a large number of transferable skills to enable you to be a highly employable individual upon completion.

Candidates that successfully complete this course will be suitable for employment in a large range of careers within the animal industry. The ability to interpret and investigate animal behaviour and give sound scientific advice will allow candidates to look for employment with organisations such as zoological gardens, aquaria and animal rescue centres. It will allow them to be employable in the armed forces or public services, both of whom work with a number of animal species. The ability to apply scientific method coupled with a firm knowledge base will make candidates attractive to the animal nutrition industry as well as organisations involved with animal pharmaceuticals. They may also wish to pursue careers with welfare organisations such as the RSPCA, Dogs Trust or PDSA. Other areas that may be attractive to successful candidates include, but are not limited to Natural England, The RSPB, DEFRA, WWF, Veterinary laboratories and Customs and Excise.

Students may wish to go into academic research or teaching via higher degrees such as a PGCE, Master's degree or a Doctorate.

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