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Art and Design

Pathway courses

Choose to focus on key fields of study within selected courses and tailor your degree

Specialist facilities

Use our 3D, digital imaging, surface decoration, and ceramics workshops

Varied opportunities

Exhibit and promote yourself and your work to a range of audiences

Prepare for success in the creative industries on our art and design undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Feed your passion for the arts at Staffordshire University, where you'll learn in a supportive and professional workshop and studio environment. Whatever course you choose, we provide plenty of hands-on project work and the chance to explore your abilities, ready for your future career.

You can choose to specialise in various modern and popular forms of art and design. There’s room for all interests, whether you’re looking to design and publish your own comics, display your photography and fine art creations in a gallery, or design the products and transport of the future. All our courses go the extra mile through combining technical expertise, with professionally experienced guidance, and the latest in software and facilities. What’s more, we don’t just stop at giving you theoretical and practical skills, you’ll have practise in advertising and marketing your products too.

If you want to get hands-on with crafts, our 3D Designer Maker courses offer the opportunity to choose an area of specialist study via pathways.  You're able to work across a broad range of materials, including ceramics, metal, wood and plastics, developing your confidence and an ability to manipulate a combination of materials in order to create exciting and innovative contemporary objects.

If you'd love to see your designs on surfaces such as fabric, ceramics, wallpapers and stationery, our BA (Hons) Surface Pattern Design could be for you. Using state-of-the-art facilities, and with aspects of fashion and and print design, this is one of the most popular courses of its kind in the UK. Plus, as with all our courses, we don't just build your design skillset, we teach design awareness and development to ready you for a career after graduation.

Our diverse range of courses in art and design don't stop there, if you're interested in the technological side of design, we offer both Graphic Design and Illustration degrees, where you'll experiment in visual communication through image-making, branding, animation and much more.

What’s more, you'll learn from visiting lecturers throughout your course that specialise in particular types of art, for example, our comic arts students will be visited by working professionals from Marvel, DC and Dark Horse, and guest storyboarders, designers, cartoonists, and illustrators. We'll also assist you with work placements, which will result in you leaving us with the skills and experience needed to excel in the creative industry.

We're proud of our courses and they'll equip you with the knowledge and skills you'll need to succeed in a future career in the creative industries.

On selected courses, we are offering a new way to complete your degree: using pathways. This is an alternative route that you can choose to take in the second year of your full-time undergraduate degree. It will tailor the modules you take in the rest of your course to focus on an area that you are passionate about, or want to base your future career around.


Work experience and careers

Whatever you choose to study at Staffordshire University you will have the opportunity of a work-placement, where you’ll gain experience and connections to give you an edge in your future career.

This work experience may link to your course, or it could be a broader experience.  You'll have the opportunity to experience live briefs and offsite activities and trips to exhibitions. Each course has its own set of industry connections, which can aid with securing a placement. These range from Maserati, and John Lewis, right through to Wedgwood and Portmeirion.

We work closely with various industry figures like the Crafts Council, who help make the UK the best place to learn contemporary craft. So, you know you'll learn the latest knowledge and industry practice.

Our courses offer challenging and often diverse projects. These projects can be large in scale. Previous work created includes a 40-metre-long wall drawing, three-metre-high cardboard structures and paper landscapes of London.

There’s more to art and design than project work, we constantly arrange visiting national and international artists, designers, photographers and industry-experts - so you can share in a wealth of creative knowledge, make professional connections, and kick-start your future career. 


Our students

Precious Innes
BA (Hons) Fine Art

The course offered challenging and often diverse projects, live 'world of work' briefs and opportunities to develop my individual voice through making work that mattered to me.

Linzi Spiers
BA (Hons) Product Design

You really do get a lot of one-to-one contact with both the lecturers and clients. I also enjoyed learning new computer programs such as Maya and Adobe Illustrator, and having designers from industry in every week was excellent.

Charlie Gajda
BA (Hons) Photography

Photography at Staffordshire University is an intense and challenging course. It constantly pushes you to reach your full potential, whilst giving you the freedom to be creative in a supportive environment.

Joe Hall
BA (Hons) Graphic Design

The course provided me with great experiences and opportunities to develop my work and strong craft and typography skills. It also taught me the importance of simplicity and clarity in visual communication.

Stephen Woowat
BA (Hons) Illustration

The Illustration degree helped me mature as a designer, through a passionate teaching of the subject. The course encouraged a broad exploration of design early on, allowing me to then choose the disciplines I wanted to pursue.

Emma Westmacott

The excellent range of facilities and the dedicated support from tutors and technicians creates a rich learning environment where ideas development and creativity can be fully explored.

Our staff

Tim Forrester
Tim ForresterCourse Leader

Tim Forrester is one of Britain's most innovative designers. He achieved great success during a period spent working in Milan & has now returned to the UK to continue designing & manufacturing his high quality, inspirational and versatile furniture ranges. 

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Anna-Marie Francis
Anna-Marie FrancisCourse Leader

Anna's arts practice examines private histories, public space and civic languages; using forms of intervention, mapping, performance, consultation and photography to investigate the impact of art and culture on the regeneration of cities.

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Fiona Wilson
Fiona WilsonCourse Leader

Whichever course you choose, you'll learn from highly experienced lecturers and perfect your craft in our fully equipped workshops and studios, all to ensure that when you graduate, you'll be well prepared for employment.

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Dan Lewis
Dan LewisCourse Leader

Dan has years of industry experience working with some of the UK’s largest retailers developing products for market and has travelled extensively across Europe and the Far East to work with suppliers on his designs.

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Sarah Rushton
Sarah RushtonCourse Leader

Sarah’s experience spans 22 years across both the education sector and in the production of creative work in both graphic design and illustration. Her research interests include embedding socially responsible design into the design curriculum, letterpress and experimental printmaking

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Adrian Tooth
Adrian ToothCourse Leader

Creating things and bringing them to life has always been a passion of Adrian's. He's been an animator and freelance illustrator/cartoonist amongst a whole range of other jobs, which include the manager of a pottery decoration department and a tread technician for Michelin.  

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John Hudson
John HudsonCourse Leader

John is Course Leader for Graphic Design (Graphic Communication). He has worked as a Graphic Designer in a number of International studios with clients such as the BBC, Nike, Sony and The Design Council. He has spent the last decade working and studying as a Freelance graphic designer and design educator.

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Our graduates

Yuka Kikumoto Ceramic Design, 2016

Yuka has displayed her work in prestigious exhibitions in the UK, Turkey and Japan, sold items in galleries and shops, and won an international award.

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Alex Allday Ceramic Design, 2015

Since gaining a Masters in ceramic design, Alex has become an award winning surface pattern designer with her own workshop at Middleport Pottery.

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Ray Thorley Photography, 2010

Ray had been working in the nuclear industry for 27 years before pursuing his passion for photography.

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Charis Jones 3D Design Craft, 2008

A change in career allowed blacksmith Charis to find her true talent for creating beautiful sculptures and art through her business Sculpted Steel.

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Rob Fenton Graphic Design, 2007

Rob co-owns a creative retail space and works with business partners across Stoke-on-Trent.

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Scott Latimer Product Design, 1993

Scott runs his own studio, who supply outsourced art-working and studio services to the financial services industry.

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Andy Cooke Graphic Design

After setting up three stoke-based businesses, graduate Andy now manages them from Switzerland where he works as an Integrated Art Director.

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