University Disclosure Log

Date received Date due Date completed Information asked for Notes
7 July 20068 August 200613 July 2006Funding from a list of companies dealing with military products and services for 2001 to the present dateInformation sent to requester
12 July 20069 August 200617 July 2006Aggregated results of student opinion surveys conducted 2005-6Results published by NSS. Data for that year has not been processed as yet.
13 July 200610 August 200617 July 2006How many students committed suicide 2000-5
How many students with Mental Health problems
How many Counsellors
The university does not keep recorded records of this type.
5 counsellors
11 July 20068 August 200614 July 2006Questions relating to the University's Technology Transfer OfficeThe University does not have a Technology Transfer Office
12 July 20069 August 200619 July 2006COPY OF GRADE STATISTICS FOR 2005/6 DEGREE RESULTSUniversity does not hold the information requested
10 July 20067 August 200621 July 2006Carrying out research into the use of undergraduate student surveys within the HE sector. Wants to know if we survey u/g students periodically; whether these surveys include an assessment of individual lecturers; whether surveys are paper-based or on-line/web based.Email response provided
26 July 200623 August 200627 July 2006State the number and value of shares in several companies
Please say whether you have an ethical investment policy and if so please attach a copy.
No direct holding in any of the companies mentioned