Academics explore virtual worlds at MMOG - Fest 08

Main players in one of the worlds fastest growing industries will be touching down at Staffordshire University this week. 
Academics and representatives from the gaming industry will be coming together at MMOG-Fest 08 to explore all aspects of Massively Multiplayer Online Games and Virtual or Persistent Worlds. 

The two day conference also heralds the launch of Staffordshire University's new BSc(Hons) Multiplayer Online Games Design degree which is designed to meet the explosive demand by industry for creative and technical talent.
Award Manager Dr Bobbie Fletcher said:  Online gaming is a multi-billion pound industry and is the big up and coming thing, already accounting for a quarter of all games sold worldwide. 
This market share is projected to more than double in coming years and Staffs Uni is delighted to be at the forefront, arming students with the skills needed to design and develop the next generation of multiplayer online games and to excel in this fast growing industry.
She added: We're delighted to announce that we already have 35 students accepted on to the award which is due to start in September. 
The award has been designed in partnership with Monumental Games Design which is among companies presenting at the conference.
Other industry contributors include British game developers CodeMasters, which has this week released Race Driver: Grid to the delight of the online racing community, and NCSoft who claim that more than 4,,316,000 users enjoy over 200 of their online worlds each month.
Delegates from as far afield as Hungary and Sweden are also attending the conference which, although in its infancy, is set to become a biennial event. 


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