Computer expert takes to the skies in charity jump

computing student Alex Andronikos skydives to raise funds for a Stafford hospice.A computing student swapped his PC for a parachute when he skydived from 10,000 feet in aid of a Stafford hospice.

Alexandros Andronikos raised £600 in sponsorship fees for Katharine House Hospice after deciding to help when a close member of his family was diagnosed with cancer.

Alex, 24, described the experience as ‘amazing.’

“The cameraman made sure I was properly strapped with my instructor and we headed for the door. The view was amazing,” he said.

“Before I realized it, I was out freefalling. There were 30 seconds’ freefall and then another eight minutes using the parachute.

“I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Alex, who is studying for a PhD in computing science at Staffordshire University’s Beaconside campus in Stafford, jumped at the Parachute Centre at Tilstock Airfield, near Whitchurch on February 16.

 “I’ve done white-water rafting and climbed in the Alps and to the top of Mount Olympus, so this was another great experience.”

Katharine House Hospice provides a range of services offering help, care and support for people with advanced life-limiting conditions across mid-Staffordshire.

The hospice, based in Weston Road, Stafford, needs to raise £1.6 million a year to continue to provide services.