Computing student connects with new network at Staffs

"It just made me a more confident, better person. Before University I was so introverted but I'm now very much an extrovert!"

Nieve Whitehurst, BSc (Hons) Forensic Computing

Coming to Staffordshire University was a transformative experience for Nieve who found new friends, a strong support network and the confidence to be herself.

Nieve Whitehurst decided to study BSc (Hons) Forensic Computing after becoming fascinated with the subject at an Open Day.

She explained: “I just stumbled into the forensic computing lab and was so captivated by what my lecturer Rob was saying. I enjoy messing with computers and learning how they work.

“This course seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn about this in much more depth than any other course.”

A self-proclaimed introvert when she started, Nieve became a student ambassador and trained to work as a sound and lighting technician at campus venues The Verve and LRV. She soon made friends and found the confidence to come out of her shell.

“This experience has been great and I made loads of friends through the venues and through ambassadors. It just made me a more confident, better person. Before University I was so introverted but I'm now very much an extrovert!”

During her studies, Nieve came out as transgender and was overwhelmed by the support from lecturers, friends and the Students' Union.

“My lecturer Rob Shaw in particular has given me a lot of support through the personal issues I've experienced over the three years. All the staff gave me massive support to make sure I got through with the best of my abilities which has resulted in me graduating with a first.” She commented.

“From the university as a whole I've had monumental support. There was a ruling where I wasn't allowed to play in a local netball team but with the help of the Students' Union I managed to fight and get them to let transgender players take part.”

Having gained a first class honours degree, Nieve has a bright future ahead and has a job with a local forensic computing company. She hopes her journey will inspire future students to embrace their university experience.

“When you come to Staffs in September, don't be scared! There are plenty of opportunities to make friends and if you are worried about anything then get help. There is plenty of support at the university.

“Join the societies and go to the venues because it's not just about learning, university is also about your personal journey too. I've changed more than you could ever know over the past three years - just do as much as you can!”

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