Crash survivor fights back with a first-class degree

“I was just determined. I had determination to go back and finish what I'd started - I wasn't going to let someone else stop me from doing that.”

Jamie Hill, LLB Law

A student left for dead by a hit and run driver fought his way back to health and has graduated with a first-class honours degree alongside his fiancé.

A week before Christmas in 2012 Jamie Hill was seriously injured in a head-on car crash and spent Christmas and New Year in critical care.

The 22-year-old from Newcastle-under-Lyme was in his second year studying LLB Law but had to defer for a year after the accident.

“That was a difficult decision to make because I didn't want to miss a year but ultimately I returned the following year and picked up where I left off.” explained Jamie.

“I was just determined. I had determination to go back and finish what I'd started - I wasn't going to let someone else stop me from doing that.”

Support from Jamie's fiancé Robyn Fulwood – who was in the year below on the same course –helped him through his recovery.

“Robyn was particularly good and sorted everything out with the University whilst I was in hospital. My personal tutor came to visit me which was very kind.”

Robyn said: “I grew up I think because I realised what is important. You always hear these things on the news and it doesn’t happen to you.”

When Jamie returned to University the pair ended up in the same year which meant they could graduate together.

Speaking on their graduation day, Robyn said: “At first I was upset for him but now we're actually here together today for the photos and everything I think it’s worked out well.”

After battling his way back to health, Jamie has achieved first-class honours and has been awarded a scholarship by Middle Temple - one of the four ancient Inns of Court - to continue his law studies at Manchester University.

“I've had a lot of support from my lecturers - especially with my application process.” said Jamie.

“They've really inspired me by saying 'no you can really go and do whatever you want to do'. I think that's been really important, when I’ve spoken about my ambition they’ve encouraged me.”

Robyn gained a 2:1 and now works for Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire Citizens' Advice Bureau.

The couple got engaged a month before the accident but decided to push the wedding forward and will get married later this month.

“Robyn and I can graduate now and have our photographs taken in anticipation of wedding photography so it's little bit of a practice run for that!” said Jamie.

Robyn added: “It just feels like such a lovely summer. Jamie's going off to his barrister course in September and I'm going into employment so it's nice to have this one last summer together before going out into the real world.”


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