Denise Coates Foundation donates £150k to high achieving students

"These bursaries enable students to really achieve something during their time with us and realise their potential."

Samantha Nuttall, Development and Alumni Relations Officer

The Denise Coates Foundation has donated £150,000 to support high achieving students at Staffordshire University.

It is the fourth year that the funding has been made available to students from low income families to offer a helping hand during their degree studies.

The bursaries are intended to nurture local talent and are offered to students living within a 20 mile radius of one of Staffordshire University’s campuses.

Samantha Nuttall, Development and Alumni Relations Officer, said: “We are extremely grateful for the continued support from the Denise Coates Foundation through very generous donations to the University.

“These bursaries enable students to really achieve something during their time with us and realise their potential. Whether that is by being able to buy an industry standard laptop required for high level computing or going on course trips which add so much value to the university experience.”

Thomas Alcock, 20, is on the BSc (Hons) Computer Networks top-up degree and hopes to become a network engineer.

“It helps with everything like living costs, food and other necessities like books for the course.” He explained.

“Without this bursary I'd have to budget a lot better and miss out on trips. I'd have to find extra work as well so this money means I can focus more on the course and hopefully get a better grade.”

Rachel Wakelin, 27 from Trent Vale, is in her final year of the BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science degree and has received a bursary in each year of her studies.

The mother of two used to work in Royal Stoke Hospital's Cytology department and was inspired to Staffordshire University to pursue her own career in Biomedical Science.

“I've got two young children and I’m working as well as doing my degree. I'm having to pay for childcare, bills, travel and books for the course so this money has helped me out enormously.

“It's the little things as well. As it's my final year I wanted to buy a university hoodie from the shop - usually I couldn’t justify doing that but now I can. It will be a lovely memento.”

The money will also help to fund Rachel’s final year research project which investigates the antimicrobial effect of copper and silver and will pay for online research publications and student memberships.

Businesswoman Denise Coates CBE, who created and leads the Foundation, said: “Deciding to go into higher education is a huge decision, especially for those from lower income backgrounds.

“Many of the students will be juggling part-time jobs alongside their studies but hopefully these bursaries will reduce the financial burden enabling them to focus on their studies and reaching their full potential.”


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