Double take for brainy brothers

Sam and Gareth Terrace

Two brothers who decided to study two very different subjects at the same time and at the same university, are now celebrating their graduations during the same week.

Gareth Terrace, 23, had been working in IT Sales for two years when he decided it was time for a change of direction.  He had always wanted to get into Computing and decided he would sign up to do a three year degree in Computing at Staffordshire University.

At the same time however, his younger brother Sam, now 21, was also applying to go to University.  Although he had chosen Journalism as his discipline, Sam had also chosen Staffs Uni for his Higher Education, and so the brothers found themselves studying at the same place, at the same time.

Sam, who now lives in Northwich, said: “It was just a coincidence really.  Although some siblings would probably hate the thought of their older brother being at the same Uni, it didn’t really bother me as we were on separate campuses, Gareth was based in Stafford and I was based in Stoke.”

“I started a Ba(Hons) in Journalism as I have always had a love of words.  I did well in English at school and I also have a love of motors, so I thought perhaps I could become a Motoring Journalist.”

“I enjoyed the course very much and although some of my lecturers left which was difficult, I made it through with the support of the other lecturers in the Uni.  I worked in London on a placement with Auto Express as a reporter which was brilliant.  My degree has equipped me to do a wide variety of jobs so who knows where my career will take me in ten years time.  I wouldn’t say no to a job on Top Gear but I’m an open minded chap so anything in Motor Journalism would be great!”

Brother Gareth landed an exciting new job in software development the very same week he graduated with a Bsc(Hons) in Multimedia Computing.
He says that his degree from Staffs ensured he was more than equipped for the job:
“I’m a bit nervous about starting a “real” job now after three years of being a student but it should be fine once I’ve got into it as I’ll be taking what I’ve done in my degree to a further level and using it every day.”
Gareth adds: “It'll be nice to start some routine after 3 years studying and seeing how what I've learned can be applied to the challenges in my new role.  I'm not sure whether it’s the final career direction I'll take, but it’s a nice start, at least I’ll be able to afford to eat real food now!”
As Gareth starts his new career at GSH in Stoke, Sam is thinking about heading to London to begin a career in PR, although he is sure his heart will stay in the motor industry.  The one thing that the brothers are both certain of is that wherever their new careers may take them, they will always keep their close friendship, strengthened by their University experiences.

“It really wasn’t a problem for me to be at university with my little brother,” says Gareth. “In fact, it was actually quite handy to have someone there I could borrow money off!”



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