Emma's experience sets her up for a promising career

Emma Tweats

Having completed her degree in marketing management, Emma Tweats took the opportunity to continue her full-time study with an MSc in International Marketing.

She said: "I absolutely loved it. There was a great mix of nationalities and cultures on the course so it enabled me to learn off others too. One module took us to Prague where we got to visit different companies and learn about their entry modes into the foreign market.

Emma from Congleton who won "best overall performance for postgraduate business awards", said the course leaders had been very accommodating, even to the point of running a module that only she attended. 

Her efforts have also paid off as Emma has been successful in landing a great job as a research executive with the market research company Adelphi Research UK in Bollington.

She said: "I handed my dissertation in on the Friday and started work the following Monday. I'm finding that the different modules I studied really prepared me for work, and its great to put what I learnt into practice." 

"I'm loving what I doing now, and once I've gained some experience in the field of marketing, I'd quite like to do some lecturing in years to come and share what I've experienced with other."