Film Production students interview local MP about smoking ban

Stafford MP David Kidney being interviewed by Staffs University students.

Film production students questioned David Kidney MP on his views about the recent smoking ban as a part of their latest documentary.

Sam Skinner interviewed the MP for Stafford while John Shakespeare and Michal Szczepariski caught it all on camera for one of their first year assignments.

Mr Kidney said: “I think the interview went very well.

“I always respond positively to requests from students.

“I was once even interviewed in my own living room by some students from Staffs.”

When asked about his stance on smoking Mr Kidney was firmly for the smoking ban to have come about.

“The deciding factor for me was the people employed in places where other people smoke,” he said.

“The ban protects them from passive smoking.”

Not everyone in Stafford agrees with the MP, who is still getting letters from businesses complaining that their custom has declined and from smokers angry about being pushed outside into the cold and treated like second class citizens.

“There are negatives but the positives outweigh,” he said.

Mr Kidney was proud to reveal to the students that he had been among the 23 MPs, at the committee stage, requesting a total smoking ban, but was dissatisfied with the time it took for the ban to occur.

He said: “We waited to see how it worked in Scotland and Ireland before implementing it here."

 “I am disappointed we weren’t at the forefront."

“We followed rather than led.”

Sam Skinner said: “David Kidney was great to interview, we have more than enough material for our assignment.”

David Kidney also took part in a student question and answer session along with Stafford Conservatives, Staffordshire Green Party, NUS and University Pro Vice Chancellor at Ruxton Technology Centre on Stafford campus.