Genocide inspires fine art students unique work

Ziaul Palash

Staffordshire based Bangladeshi artist Ziaul Palash has completed work on one of his most challenging and hard hitting pieces of modern art centred on the 1971 genocide of Bangladesh.

The work, entitled FACE which will be on show at Staffordshire University’s Arts Media and Design degree show, is designed to make viewers recognise the atrocities where up to three million people died in the space of nine months, and question the lack of information available from an environment created with digital manipulation of light and sound.

Ziaul said: “The fact is that the world still does not know much about the massacre as it is still not in the United Nations mandate and my question is why?

“When I look at my face I see myself; it is the face of my nation and, the face of humanity. In a way you could say I am facing something and you are facing something as well.”

The exhibition shows the continuous life long process of the artist and his quest to bring the hidden history of his homeland to the forefront of the publics’ attention.

Ziaul added: “When the bright light focuses on the spectators face he is facing some strong identity and he becomes able to recognise that; you cannot escape from the bright light. It’s a territory on the ground and sprays its identity out for the world to then see.

“It’s about readjusting the facts and the truth. If I say there was no Holocaust or no 1971 genocide it’s just hiding the truth. But the fact is that three million of my family members died within nine months and I can never forget it and nor should the world.”

Ziauls’ unique work is the completion of a Fine Art degree at Staffordshire University and his exhibition will be presented to the public in the university’s annual Arts Media and Design degree show. It is open to the public from June 7-14 at their Stoke campus in College Road.


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