Hollywood science dispelled at Staffs Uni

A RENOWNED TV scientist will be dispelling the myths behind “Hollywood Science” in a talk at Staffordshire University.

Dr Jonathan Hare will show an audience what would really happen when leaping from a skyscraper attached to a hose and how the world would cope if the polar icecaps melted.

The talk, entitled Hollywood Science, is designed to show people how realistic the science behind some of Hollywood’s classic movies and stunts really is.

Some of the movies that will be explored include SPEED, Shanghai Noon, Die Hard, The Score, Fight Club, Waterworld, UP, Moon, Angels and Demons and Chain Reaction.

Dr Hare has featured on two BBC2 series, Rough Science and Hollywood Science, and now works at the University of Sussex.

Mike Goodwin, Dean of the Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology (FCET) at Staffordshire University, said: “Jonathan Hare explains how Hollywood fiction is underlined by engineering science fact, and in doing so captures the imagination of all, making the engineering science accessible to new audiences, and contributing to the public understanding of science.”

Hollywood Science by Dr Jonathan Hare has been brought to Staffordshire University by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

It takes place between 7:00-7:30pm on Thursday, February 10, in the Ruxton Lecture Theatre, Beaconside Campus, Stafford.

The event is free of charge and anyone is welcome to attend.


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