Innovative design showcased at Show and Tell 2015

“I've created what is essentially a robotic arm that runs up to debris on the road, wraps around it and zips it off to the edge of the motorway, hopefully within a couple of minutes.”

Jack Burford, BA (Hons) Product Design

A potentially life-saving robot, a 'posh' portaloo and the story of a lost glove are just some of the exhibits to feature in Staffordshire University's annual Art and Design degree show.

Hundreds of students will display their final year work at Show and Tell 2015 which opens on Friday 12 June at the University's College Road site before opening to the public on Saturday 13 June.

BA (Hons) Product Design student Jack Burford has created a robot that collects debris off busy motorways to prevent accidents and traffic jams.

“At the moment if there's something in the middle of the road, traffic officers have to run out onto the motorway with traffic travelling past at 70mph to pick up the debris, which is obviously really dangerous.” explained Jack.

“I've created what is essentially a robotic arm that runs up to debris on the road, wraps around it and zips it off to the edge of the motorway, hopefully within a couple of minutes.”

Jack is currently in talks with the Highways Agency and hopes to take the product to market.

Fellow student Linzi Spiers was inspired to design a posh portaloo after being put off by messy festival toilets.

“Instead of having rows and rows of portaloos I've created this pod design so they can be dotted about and distribute the crowds. It's also got a frosted sky light and a funky facetted door to make it a bit nicer to be in.”

The toilets also have a notification system, a flag on top of the toilet cubicle, which users can slide up to alert attendants when the toilet needs cleaning.

BA (Hons) Photojourmalism student Sarah Reeve's project looks at the animal-human relationship between guide dogs and their owners.

"I've always had an interest in socially concerned documentary photography. I'm disabled myself so I wanted to do something related to disabled people but I didn’t want that to be the main focus.”

Her series of photographs features everyday moments including the instant a guide dog jumps ups to lick its blind owner's face.

“I wanted to capture the sheer intimate bond between blind people and their dogs. You can have a relationship with a pet dog but I think the relationship with a working dog is totally different.”

BA (Hons) Stop Motion, Animation and Puppet-making student Cat Hayes will be showcasing her animated film 'Coupling', the whimsical tale of a lady who drops her glove on the platform as she rushes to catch a train.

It ends as she throws the other glove from the train window so they can remain a pair.

“I think there's quite a bit of hidden depth to the story and I think each person will make up their own mind about where she is from, what she is doing, and what the gloves meant to her.”

Cat has been working on the film all year from scripting to story-boarding to building the set, which was laser cut out of wood.

“I've always done animation since I was a child, before I even really knew what it was. This is one of the only stop motion courses in the country so it was a no-brainer to come to Staffs.

“The lecturers have got industry experience and they really help you to give your film a professional finish.”

Show and Tell 2015 will feature the work of more than 300 Art and Design students from 20 courses including photography, crafts, graphics, animation and surface pattern.

The exhibition is open to the public from Saturday 13 June – Saturday 20 June. Opening times can be found here.


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