Kamran makes an impact at Karachi University

Photo of Kamran Ahsan

A Research Scholar and Teacher from Staffordshire University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Technology made an important contribution to a recent seminar held at the University of Karachi in Pakistan, stressing the importance of accessible and economical health care systems in developing countries and his own experiences of health care management systems in the UK.

The seminar on Health Care Management System (HCMS) & ICT in Developing Countries was held at UBIT (DCS), University of Karachi, in coordination with Staffordshire University’s FCET and Health Sciences Departments.

The objective of the seminar was to utilize ICT in health care management systems in developing countries such as Pakistan, providing effective health services at a low cost by exploiting information and communication technologies.

HCMS can be used to implement several new medical services in developing countries, such as Remote Diagnosis, Patient Central Databases, Tele/Audio Conferencing and Health Card Systems.

Staffordshire University’s Kamran Ahsan, a Web Researcher for the Centre of Aging and Mental Health, spoke about health care service improvements and research opportunities in Pakistan at the seminar, and further stressed that there is an urgent need of capacity building as far as HR is considered for ICT in the sector, making health care accessible & economical.

At the end of the seminar it was recommended that the research group regularly meet on the web to develop a health care management system in Pakistan using ICT. This will continue the research coordination partnership between Karachi University and Staffordshire University, while initiating other British universities into the project.


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