Law graduates aim to clean up the parking industry

Photo of District Enforcement’s Richard Dobbie and Danylo Kurpil

THREE Staffordshire University law graduates have launched a new parking enforcement business, hoping to transform stereotypical views of cowboy clampers and illegal ticketing.

Graham McKie, 44, Danylo Kurpil, 30, and Richard Dobbie, 35, have joined forces to set up District Enforcement with aid from Staffordshire University’s Enterprise Fellowship Scheme (EFS).

Having completed their Fast-track Law degrees in September, all achieving First Class Honours, the idea for the company came during their studies.

Richard, 35, a former graphic designer, wrote his thesis on the subject of private parking. He said that private land owners are legally required to ensure the availability of disabled spaces to genuine users.

“We’re promising 100 percent litigation against offenders wherever possible, which is a strong deterrent. We’re trying to position ourselves outside the stereotypical clamper and be a legally based and ethically sound alternative to that.

“Thanks to our high rate of enforcement, the land owner can meet their obligations without the need for the coercive and misleading tactics used by typical parking enforcement companies.”

Danylo, a former police officer, added: “Our University studies have helped us to put together an ethical and legally sound enforcement process.

“Reputable land owners are crying out for a system that holds motorists to account for misusing car parks but is fair and legal at the same time, and that is what we are offering.”

He added: “So-called penalty ticketing has rightfully attracted bad press and has recently been slated on programmes like Watchdog.

“Dubious get rich quick outfits, which do not operate within the law, have caused public condemnation of an industry which seeks to protect land owner rights.”

Graham, also a former police officer, said: “We have noticed widespread abuse of disabled parking bays and selfish parking which often obstructs emergency vehicle access routes.

“And many land owners have struggled to find a method of enforcement which acts as an effective deterrent without being seen as unfair and extortionate.”

He added: “The support of the University’s Enterprise Fellowship Scheme has been a fantastic opportunity for us to put our legal skills to use and to launch a promising enterprise which we hope will create local employment in the long term.”

District Enforcement has been awarded Approved Operator Status with the British Parking Association and has achieved the support of Mobilise, the charity for disabled drivers. 

The company, which is based at the Staffordshire University Business Village, has already secured contracts for their first six sites, all in the Crewe and Nantwich area. These include businesses in various sectors, such as retail, office, residential and pubs.


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