Opportunities for students in graduate company

Wayne, 23, a graduate in Sports Development and CoachingA graduate sports coaching company is providing opportunities for current students wanting to gain that vital industry experience.

Time 4 Sport UK Ltd, started by Staffordshire University graduate Wayne Glover, is bringing something back to the students with his fledgling company – which is launching in early March.

The company employs vetted and certified coaches “with new ideas and up-to-date practises that will only lead to a better standard of coaching for all” said Wayne, Managing Director of Time 4 Sport.

Offering services for 4-16 year olds in school time coaching, sports camps, club coaching, birthday parties, and healthy lifestyle workshops, the company is hoping to improve standards of PE and sports in schools by providing qualified and experienced coaches.

Wayne, 23, a graduate in Sports Development and Coaching, said: “I always dreamt of running my own business and I noticed a gap in the market so, using my experience of coaching in the UK and abroad, I am launching Time 4 Sport UK Ltd.

“We aim to increase the amount of opportunities for children to enjoy sport through school time and extra curricular activities but we also focus on educating children on the benefits of increased physical activity and healthy eating.”

The company, which has links with Staffordshire University’s Careers Office, is providing part-time coaching work for sports students allowing them to gain experience in schools and sports clubs. There is also the possibility of full-time work for graduates with the right certificates, licenses, and qualifications.

Staffordshire University’s Enterprise Fellowship Scheme (EFS) provided the funding, training, and mentoring that have made it possible for Wayne to launch Time 4 Sport UK Ltd.

He said: “The EFS training gave me the business knowledge and confidence to succeed. Without it I would still be stuck at square one and would be rapidly falling behind my competitors.

“Anyone who is thinking of applying for EFS; they should just go for it. EFS gives you the stepping stone that can lead the way to a successful business.”

For more information on Time 4 Sport UK Ltd visit the time4sportuk.com.