PhD and Diploma just two days apart for Lecturer

Photo of Staffs Uni Lecturer Dr Claire Gwinnett

A Lecturer in Forensic Science at Staffordshire University has graduated with a PhD in Forensic Science and a Diploma in Higher and Professional Education, just two days apart from each other.

Dr Claire Gwinnett, 28, became a full-time lecturer in 2008 after gaining a BSc in Forensic Science, two Postgraduate Certificates and a Doctorate in Philosophy.  She decided to carry on studying after becoming a lecturer, and has found being on both sides of the Staffordshire University experience fascinating.

She said: “I graduated six years ago in forensics and started my PhD in the September of the same year. I did some work as a Research Associate during that time and throughout my Doctorate, but I was still very much a student. Now though, my course supervisor and other staff who have taught me in the past are part of my team, so it has been a big transition to become a full-time Lecturer.

“It really is a fab team and although it has been strange seeing the department from both perspectives, they are all such characters and were tremendous to work with and be taught by. They were always supportive and encouraging which makes a big difference. The only change now is that whereas before they were helpful lecturers, they are now helpful friends.

“The whole experience has opened up so many opportunities for me, and during the past few years I have been allowed to get involved in lots of exciting projects and have even been to Mauritius to teach Forensic Science. There is so much to the job that makes it fantastic and I have learnt the fun way that it is not just about teaching, as some students might think!”

Claire graduated with her PhD on the Tuesday and with her Diploma on the Thursday of Staffordshire University’s Award’s Week at the Trentham Gardens Estate.


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