Psychology trio after a decade of studies

Photo of Johanna Parry getting her Doctorate from Staffordshire University

“I love Staffordshire University – it’s so supportive with a great student atmosphere and is at the forefront of Health Psychology.”  This is Johanna Parry’s explanation as to what kept bringing her back to Staffs Uni for over a decade of studies.

Johanna, 32 from Stockport, has graduated this year with a Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology, however it is not the first time she has attended the University’s awards ceremonies to receive a degree.

With this latest qualification, Johanna has become possibly the first ever person to complete a BSc(Hons) in Psychology, and two Postgraduate courses, including an a Masters course in Health Psychology and a Doctorate, all from Staffordshire University.

She began her studies back in 1996, and has been enjoying her student lifestyle ever since.  She said: “There have been no real low points to studying for over a decade, apart from all the hard work!

“It really has been about working extra hard and it has been very time consuming to get to where I am now.  It feels like my life for the past few years has just been about work so it is a fantastic feeling to have finally finished and to have a break at last!”

However, having completed her Postgraduate courses, Johanna will not be resting for long as she has set her sights on beginning a career in teaching, and has enjoyed her time on campus so much that she is considering applying for a post as a lecturer at Staffordshire University.

“All I need now is a job here,” she said.  “I would like to be a Lecturer and I would love to be able to work at Staffs Uni. It is a great place to live and I would recommend studying here to anybody.”


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