Round-the-World in 40 minutes lecture


Diversity doesn’t come anymore prevalent than worldwide so what better way to highlight foreign cultures than a round-the-world trip?

As part of Diversity Month at Staffordshire University, Sam Wane will be taking the audience “round-the-world in 40 minutes” with a presentation on his year long journey, showing his adventures in Canada, America, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and India.

The Presentation is taking place at 1:00pm on Wednesday 27th February at the Red Lecture Theatre, Octagon, Stafford, and is open to the public. 

Sam, who is a senior lecturer in Robotics at Staffordshire University, said: “In 2004 I took a year out to travel with my girlfriend. We wanted to travel together and see a bit more of the world so we decided to travel round it – the trip took exactly 365 days.”

Sam’s enthusiasm for travel and his photos from the journey will illustrate the tour in which he met monks in Thailand, fed wild dolphins in Australia, went sky diving in New Zealand, and enjoyed sandboarding in South America, to highlight just a few of his many experiences.

An unexpected culture shock that hit Sam during his travels was the poverty witnessed in some of the countries he visited.

He said: “We saw extreme poverty in places like India and Thailand.

“We give to charity in this country but then when you travel around the world and see how it is everywhere else, it makes you think why.

“The poverty you can see in other parts of the world escapes us in Britain and it is just so much worse than you expect.

“Our recycling over here seems redundant compared to how they re-use everything so much in these other countries.”

Sam later married his girlfriend and, following their round-the-world experiences, asked their wedding guests to donate cash to the poverty-stricken villagers of Sri Lanka instead of buying presents.

The couple, who married at St Chad’s Church in Stafford town centre in August, wanted to help the villagers in Sri Lanka rather than receiving the usual wedding gifts of toasters and towels.

“We’d lived together for five years so we had all the things we needed,” said Sam.

“The last thing we wanted was more stuff gathering dust. We wanted to do something good.”

Sam is now hoping to inform people of his experiences as part of Staffordshire University’s Diversity Month.

“I’ve been meaning to do this for years and Diversity Month gives me a great opportunity. I’m just going to present what we saw and what we did on our travels and hopefully it will speak for itself” added Sam.

Diversity Month runs from the 18th February to 14th March and also includes a selection of films and lectures, exhibitions of food and clothing from around the world, and a day of prayer.

Other highlights include a talk from the Polar Explorer Ann Daniels, an Honorary Graduate of Staffordshire University, which takes place in The Pavilion, College Road, on March 10, and the One World party, which gives students a chance to show off their cultures and talents, in the LRV on March 8.

For more information, please visit the Equality and Diversity Website.