Sculptured zoo animals will run wild around West Midlands

Photo of sculptures of zoo animal created entirely from natural materials

EXOTIC animal sculptures created by Foundation Degree students at Staffordshire University have been adopted by zoos around the West Midlands.

The life-sized creations include a penguin, rhinoceros, crocodile, elephant, and zebra, which have all been made entirely from sticks, string, grass, leaves and other natural materials.

Tim Forrester, Award Leader for the Design Foundation Year, said: “All the occupants of our Eccentric Zoo are creatively produced by students on the Foundation Year in Art and Design here at Staffordshire University.

“They were given the task of researching a given Eccentric Animal, collecting a variety of sticks and twigs, and creating a three dimensional sculpture in just eight days.

“The full-scale outcomes were created with the constraints of only natural materials found on location.”

Photo of sculptures of zoo animal created entirely from natural materials

The finished sculptures are currently being kept in Staffordshire University’s design studios but it is planned for them to be transported to West Midlands Safari Park, Dudley Zoo, Twycross Zoo and Hanley Park, in Stoke-on-Trent.

Before the animals can be re-homed, however, Eccentric Animals project leader Tim is appealing for donations to help cover transportation costs.

He said: “The animals are currently in the studio but are waiting to be relocated so we are looking for generous donations in terms of helping them to be transported to their new homes.”

Those who wish to donate or help transport the animals can contact Tim at


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