Seb and Sameer are at the forefront of sports broadcast journalism

Sameer Jain and Seb Hutchinson

Staffordshire University Masters graduates Seb Hutchinson and Sameer Jain are at the forefront of sports broadcast journalism, reporting on national and international events, games and matches for two renowned media organisations.

Their time at the University, however, has given them the skills and knowledge to advance and they are now looking to further their career successes.

Sameer, from Luton, is a Production Journalist for ITN Sports News. He said: “It’s a great course because they encourage you to learn every aspect of the job. We were learning about television and radio journalism and we were learning so many different skills – it really was all encompassing.

“The lecturers are professionals from the industry with years of experience and it’s a credit to the University that so many of our fellow students are also working within the industry themselves.

He added: “Now, after finishing the course, I’d like to continue where I am, but maybe go into the area where Seb is, as a producer.”

Seb, from London, is an Assistant Producer for ITV Sports. The course at Staffordshire University has allowed him to move a step closer to his ambition of becoming a sports commentator.

He said: “A lot of what we were learning on the course you come across in the real world - out there on the job.

“Where I work, there is someone for every step of programme production, but we were learning about all of these steps ourselves. In these competitive times, when jobs are scarce, we’ve got all these skills and that will be a great investment further down the line.

He added: “I have always wanted to do commentary and going through a course like this is the best way to get started because, behind the scenes, we see everything that goes into making programmes.”